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                                   Equestria Girls: Beyond Life and Death
                                     Chapter 03: Welcome to Equestria

Twilight: "so, We ALL agreed to spend our day with your father.
           showing him around, ensuring he had a good time..

           just generally being his friend.

           (exhaled) course, I had detention AND a session with Vice-Princible Luna.
           so, my friends had the choice of either going on without me,
           or, WAITING several hours for me to finally join them."

Alex Jr: "Which did they do??"

Twilight: "(light chuckle) what do you think??"


[Canterlot High Schoolyard, HOURS Later]

It was now afterhours in the main schoolyard of Canterlot High..

most of the other students had either gone on home
or, were in town someplace engaging in their own school activities.


still remaining were Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity and Alex.
all of which sat at the steps of the main doors, awaiting Twilight.

and, Needless to say..Alex was getting nervous.

Alex just sat "still", his hands twitching.

Pinkie was the first to notice this.

"hey..You Alright, Lexi??!"

Alex swallowed hard.

"no..i'm N-NOT.
 I'm certain dad is throwing a fit by now."

"It won't be much longer.." began Applejack

"Twi' just needs to talk with Princible Luna.
 THEN, she can join us in showin' you around town."

Alex looked at the five girls.

"you..d-don't really need to do this, you know." began Alex

"I mean..If i must be given a tour, just ONE of you can take me.
 You don't all have to go with me."

"yeah..we know." said Rainbow Dash

"But, we're all a team.
 We either all go TOGETHER..or, Not At All."

Rarity then patted Alex on his back.

"And, if ONE of Us are to spend the day with you, darling..
 then, we ALL might as well do the same."

Alex looked down a bit.

"i-i-i don't really want to be a bother-"

"ALEX: It's OKAY." said Rainbow Dash

"we don't mind.
 ((under breath) sheesh, this guy out shy's fluttershy"))

"what??" said Fluttershy


It was at this very moment that Twilight at last came out..with Vice-Princible Luna.

"Now, REMEMBER what we talked about." spoke Luna

"I know, Vice-Princible Luna.." began Twilight

"From now on, i'll make sure my Alarm Clock ALWAYS Set, and Plugged in."

Luna crossed her arms, eyeing Twilight.

"Good to hear, Ms. Sparkle."

Luna then looked over at Alex (who by now had stood with with the others)
and, for some odd reason: Stared at him for awhile.

"you Alex Cosmos??" said Luna

Alex looked nervous.


Luna made an unreadable expression, followed by a soft noise in her throat.

"you kids have a pleasant afternoon."

with that, Luna turned and walked back into the school building.
feeling safe at last, Twilight let out a sharp exhale.

"WHEW!!, thank goodness.."

the others approached Twilight.

"So, Twi.." began Applejack

"How'd things go with "Their Highnesses??"

Twilight shrugged.

"oddest thing.." began Twilight

"Vice-Princible Luna was hellbent on punishing me.
 and, Princible Celestia wanted to go easy on me."

"Ha!!" laughed Rainbow Dash, crossing her arms

"Sounds like "business as usual."

"yeah, well..HERE is where it gets weird.
 When I mentioned I had to meet up with you guys to show Alex around town

 Vice-Principle Luna just..FROZE.
 she then withdrew her punishment for me, and actually agreed with her sister to let me off with a warning."

The other five girls were just as Stunned and Shocked as Twilight was.

"wow..You think the Vice-Principle has a "soft spot" for our little Alex!!?" exclaimed Pinkie Pie

"Don't be ridiculous, Pinkie." said Rarity

"YEAH, Every "Joe" and "Jane" in Equestria
 knows that Luna HATES everybody..even her own sister." said Rainbow Dash, chuckling

Alex frowned.

"she kinda scares me." said Alex

" too." added Fluttershy

Twilight then approached Alex.

"Aw, Don't be.
 Vice-Principle Luna may SEEM Cold, but deep down..she's real nice.

 I mean..You should've seen her at last year's Halloween Party!!
 she got so into the games and activities then, that it was like she was "One Of Us."

"Yeah.." began Rainbow Dash

"but, ONLY on Halloween.
 Every other day she acts like we're convicts or something."

the group shared a short laugh together..

Then, Twilight spoke up.

"I can't believe you all waited for me."

the other girls all smiled.

"Hey..We're all a TEAM, remember??" said Applejack

"YEAH!!" chirped Pinkie Pie

"All for One, or NONE for All!!"

Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash snickered at this.

Twilight then smiled weakly.

"I'm..not sure that's how the saying goes, Pinkie.
 but, I get what you mean: Thank You..ALL of You."

Twilight looked at Alex.

"and, Thank YOU, Alex for waiting, too.
 and..I'm sorry you had to wait so long."

Alex darted his eyes nervously.
the boy then exhaled sharply, and looked right at Twilight.

"well..we ARE friends, aren't we??"

Twilight smiled.

 and, today, we're ALL going to show you what that means."

Alex's cheeks flushed red.


Suddenly, Rarity grabbed Alex, holding him firmly in her arm.

"And, I know JUST the place for us to start: "The Equestria Square Mall"
 That is where EVERY-One goes to mingle after school is over.

 and, it's the Best Place for a newcomer to learn "Whose Who."

"Fer' Once..You'll get no Argument from ME, Rarity." said Applejack

Alex looked at Rarity..then, the rest of the girls.

"Is there really that many people I need to know about??"

"(chuckles) You don't know the half of it, Pal." replied Rainbow Dash

With that, the Six Girls and Alex walked off towards a parking lot.

All of which unaware that Luna was watching them from inside the school.
a grim, almost Pained look on her face as she watched Alex depart with Twilight and her friends.

When they at last disappeared from view, Luna exhaled deeply.
then, lowered the blinds of the window, darkening the room.

Elsewhere, Alex was being led to rows of parked cars.

"So, which of our Rides are we taking??" said Rainbow Dash, finally

Rarity stopped at a very fancy (and, expensive looking) muscle car.
then, pressed a button on her keychain.


"Mine." said Rarity, with pride

"we're takin' THAT?!" exclaimed Applejack


"Well, it's so..Prissy."

Indeed, the car had a "feminine" colorating to it.
being a Bright Pink color, and decorated with glittering decals that looked like Gems.

"It's got leather seating!!"

"Eh, i'm with AJ on this one." said Rainbow Dash

Rarity scowled as she pressed her button again.

"Well, which do YOU think we should take??"

Applejack smirked as she crossed her arms.

"Why..This lil' beauty right 'ere!!"

Applejack pointed at her personal vehicle..
which was a Dark Red and Green pickup truck with oversized, treaded wheels.

Rarity's jaw dropped.

 You want us to ride THAT!!?"

"Bulkhead can git us where we need in no time flat."

Now, Everyone was staring at Applejack.

"Bulkhead??", you NAMED It!!?"

Applejack shrugged.

"He's been mighty helpful on the job with Haulin' and such.
 and, He's not that bad'a sight on the road, neither."

"IT'S COVER IN MUD!!" exclaimed Rarity

Applejack scoffed.

"Better than Glitter."

Rarity and Applejack began to glare at one another.

Twilight just groaned at this.

(("oh, not again..")) grumbled Twilight

"We are taking MY Car!!." snapped Rarity

"it is like myself: Civilized, other words: PERFECT."

"It's a Clown Car, Rare."

"Better than a MONSTER TRUCK!!"

Applejack grinded her teeth.

"and, just WHAT-IS-WRONG with Monster Trucks!!?"

"Okay, THAT'S ENOUGH!!" snapped Twilight, sepparating the two

"We just need to get to the Mall, It doesn't matter HOW.
 And, being the only Level Headed person here..we're taking MY Car."

Everyone looked at a Plain, Average looking car.

"but..But, it's So..SO-"

"PERFECT!!" chirped Pinkie Pie, cutting off Rarity

Rarity groaned loudly.


as the girls got in Twilight's Car and took their seats
Alex looked at Twilight and spoke.

"I thought you all were Friends.
 Rarity and Applejack looked about ready to kill each other." said Alex

Twilight looked at Alex.

"Well..SOMETIMES, friends disagree.
 and, usually end up fighting over something.

 but, the important thing is that you make up later, and forget it.
 because No Fight is more important than Friendship."

Alex was silent as her began pondering over this.

"Sooo..This kinda thing is Normal??"

Twilight nodded.

"Yeah..No One can get along ALL the time.

 We each have our differences, It makes as all unique.
 but, True Friendship is caring for someone Despite their flaws."

Twilight then placed her hand on Alex's shoulder.

"It's called "Diversity"
 and, it's the cornerstone of Friendship."

Alex looked at Alex..then, smiled weakly.
both him and Twilight stared at one another for awhile.

"HEY!!!" called Pinkie Pie

Twilight and Alex were jolted from their trance.
they looked, and saw that everyone else were buckled up.

"You lovebirds DONE, yet!!?
 We have a Mall to get to!!"

both Alex and Twilight blushed bright red at this.
they then nervously rushed to the car, and took their seats.

and, as luck would have it..Alex ended up in the seat right next to Twilight.

Twilight glanced at Alex (who also glanced at her)
they then quickly averted their gaze, blushing wildly.

"Dooo, Doo-Doo, Doooo.." hummed Pinkie with a mischievious grin

Twilight scowled as she started her car.
she pulled out, and soon drove off into the street.


"We'd only barely known each other
 and, it seemed my friends ALREADY wanted to make wedding arrangements." said Twilight, with sarcasm

Alex Jr looked at his mother with inquisitive eyes.


"uhh..Th-That's when "Mommies and Daddies" officially become a couple as grown ups." stuttered Twilight

"(sharp sigh) unfortunenately..YOUR daddy and me never got to do that."

Twilight frowned, yet another pained look on her face.

"Why??" asked Alex Jr, still bewildered

"you'll know soon.
 but, let's not get ahead of ourselves."


[Equestria Square Mall]

Twilight Drove into the large, nearly filled Parking Lot of the Mall.
she found a parking space, and parked into it flawlessly.

"There.. Perfect Textbook Driving." said Twilight, proudly

"pat yerself on th' back later, Twi." said Applejack

"And, let's get our "Mall Crawl" on!!" said Pinkie Pie

the girls all got out of the car quickly.

Alex was last to get out.
and, took a moment to stare at the massive building before him.

"wow, that certain is..BIG."

"It's even BIGGER Inside!!" said Pinkie Pie, clinging to his shoulder

Twilight exhaled sharply..then, walked to Alex.

"All "Pinkie Logic" aside..
 it may be best if you stick close to us, Alex.

 It's..Pretty Easy to get lost in this place."

"Even easier for Newcommers." added Rainbow Dash, gently "punching" Alex's shoulder

Alex looked at the girls..then, smiled weakly.

 I'll try not to wander off."

"Good." said Twilight, taking Alex's hand

"then, let's go."

Alex blushed, feeling his body grow warmer at Twilight's touch.
Twilight herself felt a little warm (but, she ignored it)


the others watched as Pinkie "advanced" ahead of them.
her arms out stretched liek airplane wings, and making "sound effects"

Raise raised an eyebrow, grimacing.

"is that girl..Okay??"

"Just accept it, Alex." began Applejack

"you'll just end up hurtin' yerself tryin' to figure her out."


Alex in the Food Court at the Main Lobby of the Mall.

he was with Fluttershy, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle
as Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had gone ahead to do some "shopping"

just then, a waiter walked up to the group with a tray of food.

"Here are your orders.." said the Young Man

"Why, thank you so very much." said Twilight, politely

the Waiter smiled, then walked off.
Alex reached for a Cheeseburger and one of the Sodas.

as Alex bit into it..he smiled.

"wow..this is Soooo GOOD!!" exclaimed Alex

Applejack chuckled.

"Landsakes, Alex.
 You act as if you ain't never had a Cheeseburger before."

Alex swallowed his bite.
then, took a sip of his soda.

"No..I (urp) haven't.
 mom mostly makes me Buttered Bread or Toast."

Fluttershy looked at Alex.

"why?, are you..p-poor??"

Alex paused, looking down.

"sort of.." said Alex, meekly

"Dad makes all the money..but, leaves very little for mom and me."

"Why??" asked Twilight

"What all is He doing with it??"

Alex paused, his expression almost looking "scared"

"i..I'd don't..err, know."

Applejack eyed Alex, noting the twitchiness of his eyes.

"hmm..okay, then." said Applejack, suspicious

At that moment, the other three arrived.

"We're BAAAAAAAAACK!!!" said Rarity, in a Sing-Song voice

the three all sat with the others.

"and, Look what we got!!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash, proudly

Rainbow Dash took out a pair of shoes..Athletic Sneakers, to be exact.

"They say THESE are the "sneaks" that MJ wears at all his games!!"

Alex looked confused.


"Michael Jordon!!
 the Greatest Basketball Player IN THE WHOLE DANG UNIVERSE!!!"

Rainbow Dash hugged her new shoes.

"With THESE babies, I'm gonna fly!!"

"But, you can already fly." said Fluttershy

Twilight looked at Fluttershy.

"Yes, but you know the rules of ALL forms of Competitions in Equestria: NO Special Talents."

Fluttershy sunk into her seat, blushing with embarrassment.

"oh..right, i-i forgot."

"yeah, well..Flight or Not.
 I am so gonna SMOKE 'em come next game.

 Lightning Dust doesn't stand a CHANCE."

Rarity then began digging into her bag.

"Want to see what I got!??"

Applejack scowled.

"eh..No, Rare, not rea-"


Rarity proudly showed everyone a Pink-and-White dress with bright yellow "frilly things"

"What do you think!!?" exclaimed Rarity, barely able to contain her excitment

All (except Alex) just stared at Rarity
with frowns and half closed eyes.

"Gee, I dunno.." began Applejack, finally

"it looks like th' same ol' thing you got Last Time we were here."

"No so, Applejack!!" began Rarity

"LAST Time, I bought a WHITE and Pink Dress.
 This one is clearly Pink and White."

Applejack rolled her eyes.
then, planted her chin firmly in her hand.

"wow, Rarity..that IS a difference." said Applejack, with sarcasm

Twilight sighed, then looked to Pinkie.

"Pinkie, what did You buy??"

Pinkie smiled wide (her shiny teeth nearly sparkling)

"Without a doubt..the most AWESOME THING to ever happen to Humankind!!!"

Pinkie reached into her bag, and drew out what looked like a DVD Box.

"Ta-DAAA!!!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie, happily

"Beast Wars, The COMPLETE Series!!
 includes the original and Japanese versions."

Rarity just stared at Pinkie.

"What?!" said Pinkie

"Pinkie are my dearest friend, and all that.
 but, sometimes you can be so..soooo.."

"Nerdy." said Rainbow Dash, a smirk on her face

Pinkie just grinned.
not taking her friends indifference badly At All.

Twilight then exhaled.

"Okay..Now that we're all here.
 I believe we should get started on tutoring Alex."

Alex looked at Twilight.

"you mean..telling me of the people I should know??"

"Exactly." replied Twilight

the group then all looked out at the lobby.

Twilight then spotted someone familair.

"Okay, you see that girl??"

Alex looked, and spotted a girl with turquoise hair, with white streaks.
and, had the image of a "golden harp" on her clothing.


"That's Lyla Hearstrings.
 she's More or Less..Harmless."

Alex looked at Twilight.

"uh..What's that mean??"

Twilight looked at Alex.

"Well, she's not mean or anything..just a little "strange"
 get her talking, and she'll tell you everything about Horses: Real and Imaginary."

"ugh, TELL me about it!!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash

"Last time I met her at the lunchroom in school.
 I thought she's NEVER shut up about "Alicorns"

Twilight looked back at Alex.

"For the most part, she spends quite a deal of time with Bon-Bon."


"a girl she's friends with."

the group continued to observe the people in the Mall Lobby.

"uhh..Whose that??" asked Alex

the girls looked where he was pointing: a blonde girl with "cross-eyes"

"oh..that's Derpy Doo." began Fluttershy

"she's a.."Special Girl"
 one who has a difficult time making friends."

"why??, she seems Nice." said Alex

"yes, she is." said Applejack

"but, she's real Accident Prone.
 and, (if pardon me for sayin' this) "Not the sharpest tool in the shed."

Twilight looked at Alex.

"If you want an easy friend, you'd probably find one in Derpy.
 BUT, i'd advise you keep her away from Power Tools, Appliances and Construction Areas.

 it's for her own good."

Alex looked at Twilight.

"does she have ANY friends??"

"One: Goldie Harvest (AKA 'Carrot Top')
 a gardner whose family are close friends with Applejack's." said Rarity

Rainbow Dash looked out at the lobby..then, froze.

"aw, crud."

"What?!" said Alex, looking at her


Alex looked at where Rainbow Dash was pointing: a girl with white, messy hair.

"Whose Gilda??"

"she old friend of mine." began Rainbow Dash, sounding oddly depressed

"but, she changed since last I known her.
 she treated my new friends rudely, and broke off our friendship because I disapproved of her behavior."

Rainbow Dash then looked to Alex.

"stay away from her, Alex.
 she'll just abuse and insult you, Trust Me."

Alex gulped hard.

"a-anyone ELSE that should be wary of??"

"well, for ME: Lightning Dust.
 but, for You, I recommend steering clear of two others: Trixie Lunamoon an-"

Just then, several people began to run off in fear.
Alex looked out at them, confused at what the comotion was about.

"What's going on??"

At that moment..a girl with Red and Yellow hair showed up.

Twilight grew pale (as did the others.)

"cr*'s HER." said Rainbow Dash

"WHO?!" said Alex, wanting an answer

"Sunset Shimmer." said Twilight, solomely

as Sunset march through the Mall Lobby, a COLD look on her face
several other teens (and, a few adults) side stepped out of the way.

ALL knew better than to get in her way.

"When a cold wind blows, it Chiiiills you.
 Chills you right to the BONE." sang a man

"but, there's nothing in nature that Freezes Your Heart.
 like YEARS of being all alone.." sang a woman

"It paints your soul with Indifference
 like a princess paints with Glimmering Gold.." sang an older man

"but, the Worst of the Worst-"
"the most HATED and CURSRED-"

"is the one we all call: Shimmer." sang some others

"Unkind as any-"
"and, the scorn of MANY-"

"This is SUNSET SHIMMER.." sang some children

as Sunset passed by, several other people began singing their woes

"Oh, there goes "Miss Coldheart"
 there goes "Miss Shiver and BURR"

 if they gave a prize for being Mean.
 the Winner would be HER."

"oh, Shimmer loves her wealth
 because she thinks it gives her POWER.

 if she were a candy, you can best she would be SOUR."

"There goes "Miss Ego", there goes "Miss Greed"
 The absolute Mistress of the Underhanded Deed."

"She takes a great pleasure in pointing out your flaws.
 us average people live in misery.."

 "This oughta be AGAINST the Law!!"

"She must be so Lonely, she must be so SAD.
 she goes to Extreme to convince us she's BAD.

 She's really a Victim of Fear, and her Pride.
 look close, and there must be a Nice Girl insiiiide.."

Sunset eyed some charity workers.
then, scoffed as she marched off.



"There goes "Miss Outrage", there goes 'Miss Sneer'"

"She has no time for Friends or Fun-"
"her ANGER makes that CLEAR!!"

"Don't ask her for a Favor."
"cuz' her nastiness increases!!"

"No Penny or Nickle for those in NEED!!?"
"Not even a speck of Cheese for little "meeses"

"There goes "Miss HEARTLESS", there goes "Miss CRUEL"
 she Never GIVES, she only TAKES: She lets her Endless Hunger RULE."

"If being mean is a way of life, to Practice and Rehearse.."

"Then, all that work is "paying off"
 for, Shimmer is getting WORSE!!"

"Everyday, in EVERYWAY: Shimmer is getting WORSE!!"

Sunset at last glared at the crowds of people..
who finally stopped singing, and walked off.

Sunset sneered.


Sunset was about to continue on her way..when she spotted Twilight.
while Twilight, and her friends quickly ducked out of view..Sunset just grinned evily.

(("you think she saw us??!")) whispered Pinkie Pie

(("i don't know, I didn't-"))

"Twilight Sparkle."

Twilight gasped as she saw Sunset standing before her and her friends.

Sunset smirked at the group.
an unreadable look in her turqoist eyes.

"Fancy meeting YOU here."

Twilight remained still.
while Rainbow Dash just glared at Sunset.

"y-yeah..Fancy That."

Sunset then looked at Alex.

"Ooo..and, WHO is This??" began Sunset, planting her hands on the table top

Alex stared at Sunset, feeling uneasy.

"uhh..Alex: Alex Cosmos."

"Alexander Cosmos..hmm, I like that name.
 it's got a "commanding" pressense to it."

Twilight scowled, then spoke up.

"ALEX is new here.
 Me, and my friends are showing him around..helping him grow accustomed to Equestria City."

Sunset stood back up.

"really??..So, your all his "Tour Guides", huh??"

" COULD say that." replied Rarity, a hint of distain in her voice

Sunset looked at Alex again..casting a 'flirtatious' look at him.

"you know..IF you want to feel more "at home"
 i would be all but too happy show you around."

Sunset then touched Alex's shouler.
making her fingers "walk across" them like a spider.

"I could show you all the "good spots."

Twilight grew red faced.
then, (without thinking) swatted Sunset's hand away from Alex.

"We are doing just fine, SUNSET.
 if we need your help, we'ree ask."

Sunset smirked at her rival.

"ooh..someone's a bit more GREEN than Purple, Today."

Twilight said nothing.
Sunset then eyed the other five girls.

"Lemme guess: PRINCESS speaks for all of you, Right??"

"You might say that." said Applejack, her tone stern

Sunset scoffed.

 I know when I'm not wanted."

Sunset looked at if she was leaving..
but, suddenly turned right around and faced Alex.

"BUUUT..Just in case you change your mind."

with a sly grin, Sunset drew out a card with some writing on it.

"Here's my Address and Phone Number, babe."

Sunset put the card in one of Alex's pockets..and, patted it.

for some odd reason, This made Twilight even more "red-faced"

"Enjoy your tour with "The Nerd Herd."

with that, Sunset left..swaying her hips Back-and-Forth.

as soon as she was gone, Twilight immediatly reached into Alex's pocket
snatched Sunset's card, and furiously ripped it into pieces.

"I..take it You and Sunset don't like each other." questioned Alex

Twilight exhaled stressfully.

"you MIGHT say that, yes."

Applejack snorted.

"Another way would be sayin' that Sunset Shimmer
 is a Lousy, No-Good, Shifty Coyote/Rattlesnake."

Twilight looked at Alex with warm eyes.

"Alex..please: stay away from her.

 I know Sunset, she may seem "nice" now.
 but, she'll only use you for her own needs..then, dump you once she's lost interest."

Alex looked into Twilight's lavender eyes..then, smiled weakly.

"alright, Twilight..i promise.
 I'll keep away from her if Really want me to."

Twilight smiled.


Rarity exhaled.

"Okay, I think we've spent enough time "Observing."
 We are here to help Alex have a pleasant, right??"

"Oh, yes..FUN!!
 We need to help Alex have Fun!!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash leaned back in her seat, her arms crossed.

"I know it's a little late to be asking this.
 but, how can we possably decide on what's "fun" for Alex??

 I mean..Everyone has their own Likes and Dislikes.
 and, what's "Totally Awesome" for US, may not be cool for him."

Twilight Sparkle pondered this.

" do have a point, Rainbow Dash.
 i mean..we are all Girls, and Alex is.."

Pinkie blinked her eyes, a blank expression on her face.

"is What??"

the other five girls scowled at her.

"He wears Trousers, instead of'a Skirt." said Applejack

Pinkie Pie smiled.

"oh, but of COURSE, Silly!!
 Who ever heard of a Boy wearing a Dress!!?

 That only do that in Scotland."

Twilight was about to say something..when a familiar voice spoke up.

"Hey, Twilight.."

Twilight looked..and, smiled.

"FLASH, Hi!!"

Flash Sentry smiled (to which Rarity giggled and waved)

Flash then looked at Alex..who looked at him.

"Whose this?" said Flash

"Alex..Alex Cosmos, i'm new here." said Alex, shaking Flash's hand

"Twilight and her friends offered to show me around town.
 there, uhh..T-Trying to help me have fun."


Twilight's eyes then lit up as she got an idea.

"Say, Flash.."

Flash looked at Twilight.


"uhh..M-Maybe you can help us.

 see..we Really want Alex to have a good time.
 but, we know very little on what Boys like to do."

"HAH!!" laughed Rainbow Dash

Twilight ignored her, and continued to speak.

"You think you can help us?
 maybe..take him with YOUR friends, and do Guy stuff."

Flash thought about this.

"Well..I'm not doing anything right now.
 but, I am meeting my friends at the Skate Park tomorrow..

 I could take Alex with me.
 introduce him to my friends, show him a few tricks."

Twilight smiled.

"That would be WONDERFUL."

Flash smiled.

"Kay', It's a to speak."

Flash then looked at Alex.

"guess i'll catch you Tomorrow, huh?"

"uhh..Y-YEAH, Sure.
 i'll..see you there."

Flash grinned, pointing his finger in a friendly manner.
he then walked off and left the group.

Alex then looked at Twilight.

"friend of yours??"

Twilight smiled sheepishly.

 w-we're good friends."


Alex Jr. stared wide eyed.

" BOTH my dad's knew each other!??"

Twilight nodded

"yes, son..they did.
 in fact, you could say they were Best Friends (almost like brothers.)"

Twilight exhaled sharply.

"despite the fact that Flash used to be my boyfriend..Alex trusted him greatly.
 and, Flash had nothing but respect for your father.

 when..(voice breaking) when he DIED.
 he asked Flash to watch over me, and help raise you.

 and, Flash..his respect for your father was so great
 that, he was reluctant to take me as his wife, and become your father."

"Why??" asked Alex Jr.

Twilight looked at the young boy.

"he didn't want to take his place." said Twilight

"to Flash, he felt it was like taking advantage of Alex's death.
 like he was stealing Me and You all for himself.

 but, Alex assured him that wasn't the case..not when he requested it.
 see..Flash was the ONLY man your father trusted to take care of us.."

Twilight then affectionately ruffled Alex Jr's hair.

"so, no matter what anyone says, even though Flash isn't your real father..
 ALWAYS remember that he loves you just as much as Alex did."

Alex Jr. paused..then nodded slowly.

"okay, momma..i believe you.

 so, what happened next??"

Twilight frowned sadly, looking down.

"it got late..and, Alex had to go home.
 I remember driving him to his house, and watching as he went inside.."

a tear formed in Twilight's eye.

"i should've went in with him..I never should've left him alone."

Alex Jr. noted the shakeyness of his mother's voice.

"W-Why?, w-what happened??"

Twilight looked at her son..then, exhaled.

"i'm..I'm not sure if I should tell you this part."

"Momma, PLEASE..I want to know."

Twilight looked at her son again..then, sighed once more.

"There is a reason why Me and Flash have always tried to give you a happy childhood..
 It's because I swore to Alex as he died in my arms that I ALWAYS would."

Twilight sobbed softly.

"because, unlike you..your father lived in Misery and Torment."

Alex stared blankly at his mother.

"what?" squeeked Alex Jr.

"Your father was an Pure and Innocent.
 (darkly) but, HIS father..was the most Vilest of devils."
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This chapter took a bit LONGER to do (and, it's really just another "Info Dump")
so, the patience of this story's followers is very much appreciated.

As usual, I plant little "easter eggs" for readers to note
(hints at things that'll have 'payoffs' much, MUCH later)

one thing to note is my decision to include All Six girls in Alex's tour of Equestria City.

I did so to have the girls differing personalities play off each other.
AND, to have each one bond with Alex in their own way.

I also decided to make some subtle references to the episodes of the "Pony Version" of the show.
by having Applejack and Rarity quarrel a little (and, have Twilight imply this has happened previously)

It was also fun making up what type of vehicle the girls drive based on their personalities.
(I can imagine human Applejack driving a pickup truck with monster truck tires)

also, (as promised to :icondevious-discord-rp:)
I decided to go ahead and make reference to Transformers in this story
(Both MLP and TF are owned by Hasbro, so..Whose gonna complain?!)

I start doing my own version of "a musical" for the Mall Sequence.
by using a modified version of a song from 'A Muppet Christmas Carol' to introduce Sunset Shimmer.

It really seemed like the best was to do it.

Also, Lyla Hearstrings was mentioned for a good reason.

she'll play a surprise part in the story
(one that I am keeping to myself for now.)

Also, while this is a TwilightxOC story.
I acknowledge there are a great deal of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry fans.

and, just so the "FlashLights" don't get the wrong idea on this pairing.
I decided to have Alex and Flash be friends in this story.

one reason why I wrote in Flash in this chapter.
as a male friend of Alex who'll spend time with him with his other friends


My Little Pony copyright Bonnie Zacherle/Lauren Faust/Hasbro

Danny Phantom copyright Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon

"Scrooge" by Jim Henson Productions/Walt Disney Pictures
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Great chapter today. ^^ Heh I'm surprised Rainbow tried to warn Alex of Trixie. If anything he'd seem like the type to befriend her and have her be part of the group. Especially since inEQG she wasn't a jerk or mean unlike the main show though obviously something happened in her life to cause her to act like that. Will you be going into detail on Trixie any? And who else was Rainbow Dash gonna warn him of? she was cut off by Sunset's entrance.
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I'll later comfirm to readers that Trixie is Sunset's "BFF"
(and, pretty much Sunset's only real friend in this version of EQG)
who are pretty much united over a shared distain for Twilight (who they mocking call "Princess Perfect")

Later, Trixie will play a supporting role in Sunset's attempt to grab power
in the Second Act of the story (during the Ghost Invasion)

while Sunset seeks Pariah Dark's Crown of Fire and Ring of Rage
Trixie gains The Fright Knight's sword, "The Soul Shredder" (I'll leave your imagine to run wild with that thought)

There are indeed other people Alex will know, both Good and Bad (not all were mentioned here)
I am going to assume Alex was told of them offscreen, between Sunset's Enterance and Alex having to go home.

Before he would eventually meet up with his "dear father", again..

DEVIOUS-DISCORD-RP Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
ah I see. heh ironically perfect would be an understatement since no one is perfect technically. Everyone has their flaws after all. Though It'll be amusing that they don't realize that & that their hate is unjustified. I can see that coming back to haunt them.

XD I just made a joke since this is ghost based.

Interesting. Sounds like they'll have fun with that & you'll have fun writing it too I'll bet.

True. I'm just personally wondering who RD was gonna say. I mean she already mentioned Gilda & Trixie. Didn't need to mention Sunset since she interrupted and pretty much gave why to avoid her. So who else could there be canonically to avoid?

Also ironic how Sunset's only friend is Trixie. I'm surprised no one's even bothered to try to befriend her despite how she acts. Perhaps the same with Trixie? Hmm...Given Alex & Alex Jr.'s personality I could see them both attempting to befriend her if only to get to the REAL Sunset instead of the mask she's obviously is wearing.

Perhaps Twilight & friends should try as well. After all the best way to deal with a bully permanently is to befriend them.

Indeed and when the time comes his father can run & hide all he likes but the TRUTH will find and & destroy him. After all you can't escape it. Especially in court.
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I love the MJ reference and that song that describe Sunset was perfect for her. I know in the next part we will see about more alex father and why he is such a vilest demon.
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so, I imagine RD is the type who Idolized well known athletes.
and, would be a "Fangirl" when it comes to sports memorabilia.
(also, I referenced Michael Jordon because he's the one athlete that 'I' know of the most.)

It should also be noted that I referenced that in this version of EQG
the girls all have the abilities that their Pont Counterparts have
(meaning Twilight and Rarity can do Magic
 and, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy can take flight like Superman does)
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Definitely. I don't mean to sound critical, but that's one of my many reasons for liking your work. You make your characters and stories very dark, but you don't go overboard. And you don't overly sex up the characters either. 
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Naw, I usually skip over the sex scenes
and, just imply they happened whenever the story calls for something like that.

In this case, such a scene needs to be "implied" to have happened
in order for me to include 'Alex Jr.' as a character, and get to "Momma Twilight"

I don't do "Erotic" stuff, or anything like that
(but, YOU already knew that, didn't you??)
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I kind of always preferred the one with George C. Scott, but this fits.
Especially when Shimmer's attempt at 'sultry' made a chill run down my spine.
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I pick whichever types of song I feel fits into this story.
so, I'm not too picky on what the source is.

I have a few other selections in mind
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so, hopefully you'll find the music fitting, and not Corny or Campy.
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By the way, is Pinkie Pie a psycho? I heard she is.
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
no, not really..she's more of pony version of a 1940s character
with an obsessive need to make people Smile and/or Laugh.

and, she's also great with kids (see "Baby Cakes" for details)

not really the calling card of a Psychotic.
I think you're listening to the wrong type of people.
(may be the same types of weirdo's that like to make Fluttershy a serial killer)
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This should just about cover all the facts you need on SS:…

As for ME, well..
This was all I needed to know:…

One look at that image, and I was certain I could do an EQG Fanfic.
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