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Because Fanny needs love, too!!
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Power Ponies Motivational by MetroXLR99
Power Ponies Motivational

 This motivational is based upon a recent IDW Comic Book release,
 that is focused primarily on the Power Ponies (the ACTUAL ones), and their nemesis, Mane-Iac (as well as OTHER villains.)

 For ONE thing, readers got to see what the REAL Power Ponies look like
 (as before in the show, all we got was the Mane Six "cosplaying" as the apparent superheroines)

 Ironically enough, the actual Power Ponies looks EXACTLY like the Six..just with different colors
 (in the toy business, we call that "Redecco-ing": Giving the same character a different color, and making it a "new character"
  a perfect example of this is in the Transformers toyline, with Starscream, and his "twins": Thundercracker and Skywarp.)

 OH, and apparently we get to see a "Ponyized Spike" with Humdrum.

 So, yeah.. It is fun to see the REAL Power Ponies for once.
 but, now I can't help but wonder if IN-Universe, the "creator" of teh Power Ponies comic book based the titular characters on the Mane Six themselves.

 It's a possibility..given all the times Twilight and comapny saved the world.
 they must have SOME recognition as heroes to the public at large (and, SOMEpony obviously decided to "Cash-In" on their popularity.)

 (If so..then, I now wonder if the Six ought to get a cut of the profits from the Comic Book sales.

  Just a thought.)


 My Little Pony © Bonnie Zacherle/:iconfyre-flye:/:iconidwpublishing:/Hasbro

Princess Twilight Sparkle Vinyl Figure by MetroXLR99
Princess Twilight Sparkle Vinyl Figure

 I still can't believe I pulled this off..

 Okay..Anyone whose familiar with me knows that I am a Brony, and as such a fan of the 'Friendship Is Magic' series.
 (And, those SAME someones also know that my mother extrenely disapproved of such a thing
  denoting MLP as a "worthless piece of crap", and further adding that "Unicorns are EVIL", based upon her religious viewpoint.)

 Yeah..THAT incident has left me emotionally scarred.
 and, for awhile..I did as she told me, and DID NOT buy any more MLP merchindice..

 and, then THIS happened.

 the Entertainment Store that I go to FINALLY got some new Vinyl Figures
 (I checked, and the "new" figures are: Spitfire, Pinkie Pie, Trixie Lulamoon, Lyra Heartstrings and PRINCESS Twilight Sparkle.)

 After much debating with myself..I finally gave in, and bought Twilight.
 (I had to ditch the box, and hide her in my pants pocket to sneak her into my room. but, HERE she is.)

 Not sure if I can pull this off another four times.
 BUT, If I could only do this once, I am glad I could do it with Twilight Sparkle.



MetroXLR99's Profile Picture
Cody D. Coates
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am an Artist and a Writer.

I am a BIG Fan of Cartoons, Animated Movies
Comic Books (mostly Superheroes) and Video Games.

To list them all would take too long
(although, Sonic The Hedgehog, Batman, The Powerpuff Girls/Dexter's Laboratory
Danny Phantom/Fairly Oddparents, Looney Tunes and Transformers are my personal favorites)

So, let's just say I am a fan of MOST, if not all.

I also don't give a darn what Critics, Fanatics and Trolls think of my work.
I LOVE what I do...and, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

E-Mail Address: Account:…

FIMFiction Account:…

YouTube Account:…

Twitter Account:
Interests that I have properly vented over my recent personal problems,
 It is time for me to open a discussion on a new Transformers Cartoon that is due to premiere next year.



 Yeah, I know..that title has already been used by an anime (called "Car Robots" in Japan) back in 2001.
 well, apparently "RID" is a favored title to us in Transformers, So it is the name of this new show.

 "RID2015" is a sequel series to 'Transformers: Prime'
 (Yes, we are still continuing on from Predacons Rising, where Optimus Prime is dead, and Megatron has abandoned the Decepticons.)

 What has been released thus far of the show, is that Bumblebee is the lead character.
 and, will lead a "rag-tag" team of Autobots back to Earth to pursue a Decepticon Prison Ship.

 Confirmed Autobot Characters thus far are: Sideswipe and Grimlock.
 while also featuring new characters called: Fixit and Strongarm.

 Apparently Optimus will also appear..but, more like in a "Mufasa's Ghost" type of role to Bumblebee.

 Here is the Teaser Trailer for the series:…

 Another thing worth noting is that unlike it's predecessor,
 It WON'T be premiering on The HUB (or, "Discovery Family" as it's now called.)

 Instead, It premiere on Cartoon Network. making it the SECOND Transformers Cartoon
 to be broadcasted on that channel next to Transformers Animated.

 Also, despite having the same character models as 'Prime'
 RID appears to be animated in much the same way as TRON: Uprising (so, no real "CGI" just 3D Traditional Animation.)

 So..Any thoughts on this new show? are you Excited?!..or, Dreading it?
 is this a fresh new take on the series?, or..have they changed a bit 'too much?'

 I await all of your input.


  • Mood: Optimism

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brgtt- Thank you for the +fav 
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:iconconfusedplz: - What..ARE they?..Exactly.
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You didn't answer my question: What ARE they?!
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Well, I liked your story on FIMFiction (You may have noticed me on there..probably.)
and, I was quite pleased to learn that you were HERE as well.
sonicfighter Featured By Owner 4 days ago
There's one thing that puzzled me, how can Barbara Gordon walk again in Batman Beyond? I mean, the Joker permanently crippled her.
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Crippled, YES. Permanently..Not so much.

as some recent comic books has featured Barbara Gordon as Batgirl,
AND, made clear that the whole Killing Joke incident already happened (and, Barabra is still bothered by it.)
Lecter136 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
What exactly happened during that whole incident?

I remember seeing some panels and she was naked as well. What exactly did the Joker do? It was kinda creepy as well how he sent her pictures to Jim Gordon.

It must have been terrifying to see your own daughter naked and crippled lying on a concrete floor. 

Some people speculated the Joker might have even raped her but I don't know.
Lecter136 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Since you are a Ghostbusters fan, have you heard of this game?…

I have a demo  of this on my PS2. It's quite a good game. I remember when I died in the game, your character's spirit comes out and then disintegrates. That was a neat touch and showed how the ghosts in the game could not only harm your life, but your spirit as well.
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Never seen it before..BUT, it sounds similar, yet DIFFERENT to Ghostbusters.
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Hey M whats Up
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What do you want to talk about?
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Well I'am hugh fan of the first Ben 10 series 
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