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                                 Next Avengers: Son of Ultron
                                     Chapter 02: Day One


James stood by and smiled as he watched the massive factory explode.

"not bad." said the Young Avenger

Francis scoffed. "yeah, well...big whoop. Ultron will just built Two More in a week or so."

Azari eyed the Silver Haired Archer. "oh, lighten up, FRAN-CIS."

Pym looked around...then, spotted Torunn approaching. "Hey, guys...LOOK!!"

everyone turned and smiled.

"TORUNN!!, you missed the sho-"

suddenly, they all noticed the "boy" that Torunn was carrying. she soon landed and put him down, facing her "family"

Francis immediately eyed the stranger. "and, that??!"

Flynn looked away, bashful.

"this is Flynn Foster..." began the Asgardian Girl "I found him fighting some Ultron Drones....with my SWORD."

the boys (sans "Flynn") all widened their eyes in shock.

"whoa-Whoa, BACK UP!!" exclaimed Azari "you mean to tell me that this guy...actually lifted your Sword!!?"

"not only Lifted it, but, fought like a Master Swordsman with it. he even used thunder attacks that even I'VE never was remarkable!!"

Francis continued to stare at Flynn. "this kid??...NO WAY!!"

the Archer finally approached Flynn. "tell us what REALLY happen, kid."

Flynn stared blankly.

"Admit it: those Rust Buckets were wailing on you. and, Torunn rushed in and saved your sorry butt."

"Francis." Francis Ignored James.

"Come on, SAY IT!! there's NO WAY you could've done all of that!!!"

Flynn remained silent..which Francis took as an insult. "Giving me the "Silent Treatment, eh??"

Francis then grabbed Flynn's shirt. "TALK!!, or i'll-"

Torunn finally intervened and shoved Francis off Flynn.


"But, HE-"

"Can't talk."

Francis widened his eyes. "what?!!"

"Flynn can't talk. he doesn't know how."

Francis eyed Torunn. "then, "HOW" do you know his Name??"

Torunn darted her eyes, blushing in embarrassment. "b-because I..n-named him."

"you, what??!"

"I "NAMED" HIM, OKAY!? he didn't have a, I gave him one."

Francis just smirked at this. "oh, how Cuuute. can he fetch your "bunny slippers", TOO??"

Torunn glared at Francis, not liking his Sarcasm.

"bun-ney." everyone looked at Flynn..who had an Innocent look on his face.

Torunn finally exhaled sharply, then looked at James. "James...we can't leave him here. PLEASE, let us take him back with us to the Village."


Francis finally stepped up. "Uh-Uh, NO WAY!!" began Francis "we can't trust this guy!!, what if he's some Ultron Drone in disguise!!?"

everyone looks at Flynn..who was staring at a butterfly. he giggles as it lands on his nose, then bats at it as it flies away.

the group then eyes Francis. "oh, yeah Francis...that guy's a "Stone. Cold. KILLER." said Azari with sarcasm

Francis grumbles, James then speaks.

"sorry, Francis. but, Torunn is RIGHT. our job is to provide Sanctuary to ALL those in need..Flynn is no different."

"yeah, but-"

"Flynn comes with us...END OF DISCUSSION."

Torunn smirks at Francis..who only crosses his arms and grumbles.
she then approached Flynn, who looked at her with innocent eyes.

"home??" asked Flynn

Torunn nods. "yes, Flynn. We're taking you HOME."

Flynn smiles at her. James nods, then looks to everyone.

" the Quinjet."

[Savage Lands, The Next Day]

James stepped out of his hut and yawned loudly. once again, the leader of the Avengers had "overslept" and awoken to Noontime.

he scratched his head for a moment, then walked out into the main part of the village
the red haired boy saw Azari sitting nearby, fiddling with some twine. he then approached his "brother" and spoke to him.

"hey, Azari."

Azari looked up at him and smiled. "hey, james."

James looked around. "so..where IS everybody??"

Azari shrugged. "Francis is out doing some Solo Archery training..AGAIN. Pym is with Vision, tinkering with some Tech in the lab."

"and, Torunn??"

Azari scoffed. "where do you THINK?! she's in her hut with Flynn, "teaching" him stuff."

James raised an eyebrow. "stuff?, what kind of "stuff??"

Azari shrugged again. "oh, you know..the usual: A-B-C's, 1-2-3's, Colors and Shapes..."

Azari then chuckled. "she kinda acts like Flynn is her kid or something."

James smirked at this. "now, THAT...sounds scary.

[Torunn's Hut]

Flynn sat cross legged on Torunn's bed, staring right at Torunn (who also sat cross legged) as she held up Flash Cards.

"okay, ready??"

Flynn nodded. Torunn then held up a large card. "Truck." said Torunn "can you say it??, Tru-uuuuuck."

Flynn tried to repeat the word. "t-t-truuuu..."

"yes, that's right: Tru-uuuuuuck."


"GOOD!!, now say it all together."


"YES!!, you did it!!" Torunn laid the card aside. she then held up another card. "now..HOUSE. say it with me: Hoooooouse."


"Hoooouse." repeated Torunn





at that moment, a knock was heard.


the door opened and James walked in. he looked at Torunn and Flynn..then, smiled.

"Azari says you've been teaching Flynn some stuff."

Torunn nodded. "uh-huh, I'm trying to teach him how to talk."

James grinned, then crossed his arms. ", how's THAT going??"

Torunn shrugged, exhaling. "so far, so good.." began the Asgardian "he hasn't yet learned Full Sentences, he's just NOW learning to say words."

"he's not gonna talk like an Asgardian is he? cuz' if THAT is what your teaching him, the rest of us will be "verily" confused."

Torunn scowled at James, then chuckled. "No. I'm teaching him "Modern English."

Jamed looked at Flynn...who just looked at him with a smile.

"so.." began James. "how much does he know??"

"Well, the FIRST thing I taught him was his own name." began Torunn. "I then taught him My Name, and the names of you and the others."

Torunn looked at Flynn. "go ahead, Flynn. Say my name."

"Tor-runn." said Flynn

"GOOD, now say "his" name."

Flynn looked at James. "Jah-ames."

James smiled. "pretty good..can he say Francis's name??"

Flynn nodded. "Big, Stupid Jerk." said Flynn with a smile

James widened his eyes, then chuckled. Torunn looked away, blushing with embarrassment.

Flynn didn't seem to know what was wrong.

"w-what??!" said James, trying to hold his laughter

"sorry...guess he's been listening to me TOO MUCH."

James smirked. "I'll bet."

just then, Flynn's stomach began to growl. "huh-Huuun..gry." said Flynn

"right..let's get you something to eat." Torunn took Flynn's hand, got off the bed and walked out of the hut with James close behind.


as Torunn and Flynn walked into a Greenhouse, James joined up with them

"hey, Tor..I've been meaning to talk to yo-"

"LATER, I'm getting Flynn something to eat."

Torunn grabbed a basket and walked by some plants. she immediately began to pick some various fruits hanging on the trees.

the Asgardian shined an apple, then showed it to Flynn. "How's THIS??"

Flynn looked at the apple. he then took it in his hand and sniffed it.


"No-No!!, don't eat it NOW! it needs to be WASHED first."

Flynn looked down, then handed the Apple back to her. James just smirked at this, almost chuckling.

"sheesh, for a teenager, he sure acts like Pym when he was "younger."

Torunn exhaled. "yeah, i know.." began Torunn. "it makes me wonder how he got like this. I want to ask him, but i can't do THAT until he learns to talk."

the two watch as Flynn picks a pink flower. he sniffs it..then, smiles.
Flynn then did something Totally Unexpected: he walked over to Torunn, and placed the flower on her hair.

Torunn touched the flower, blushing bright red.

"Tor-runn..Pret-ty." Flynn then walks off, a smile on his face. Torunn remains still, a blank look on her "red" face.

"he sure seems to like YOU." said James, finally

Torunn smiled, actually leaving the flower in her hair. "yes..I guess he does."

James looks at his "sister." "so..any idea WHY or HOW he managed to lift your sword??"

Torunn exhaled sharping, shrugging. "I don't know." began Torunn. "I've tried to commune with my father and ask him about it. but, he's as Silent as the Stars. either he can't hear me, or he's Too Busy."

James thinks for a moment.

"you know..I once talked with Vision regarding our parents and the past. and, HE said that your dad's hammer was enchanted, same as your sword."

"yes, I know.." said Torunn. "it is Mystically Enchanted so that only "I" can wield it."

"OR, if you're "worthy"

Torunn looked at James. "what??"

"Vision said that your Grandfather, ODIN, the King of Asgard BEFORE your father enchanted Thor's Hammer so that only those "worthy" of it's power could lift it.

 and, there WAS a time when even your dad couldn't lift his own hammer. back when he was (as Vision put it) Vain, Selfish and Egotistical."

Torunn stared at James with wide eyes. "i..i didn't know that."

"no, you didn't. that's because Tony always told you stories of his Glory Days."

Torunn pondered this for a moment. "so..if MY sword is like my Father's Hammer, and can only by lifted by those Worthy of it's power."

"then, MAYBE there is more to Flynn than what we all see." finished James

Torunn was wide eyed at the revelation. she then looked back at Flynn, who was standing afar.

James and Torunn watched as Flynn stared at a ladybug on his finger. the insect then flew on landed on his nose (to which he giggled.)

"more than what i see..." said Torunn, out loud

the Asgardian then smiled. Flynn then turned, and approached his two friends.


James nodded. "sure, Flynn. just let me call the others, and we'll ALL eat."

James then turned and walked off, leaving Torunn and Flynn alone. once he was gone, Flynn approached Torunn (who stared at him)

"t-thank you for the Flower, Flynn."

Flynn smiled. "Fluh-ow-er Pret-ty, Tor-runn Pret-ty."

Torunn blushed bright red, looking away. ""

Torunn looked back at Flynn. "Flynn. are you happy here in my village??"

Flynn nodded. "Flynn Hap-py."

Torunn approached Flynn.

"Flynn..I know you haven't learned to talk fully. but, can you tell me ANYTHING about where your from?, anything at all?!"

Flynn placed his finger on his chin, as if thinking.

"well??" Flynn looked at Torunn, a saddened look on his face. "Fluh-inn"

"you can't?!, Nothing at all??"

Flynn shook his head. "uh-uh."

Torunn then exhaled sharply. then, looked back at Flynn. "well..that doesn't mean I can't still teach you to speak."

Flynn smiled at Torunn. she then placed her hand on his shoulder. "even if you don't remember where you're from, or who you are. just remember: you have a place here, a home..a Family."

Flynn looked at Torunn. "Tor-runn..Fluh-inn's Friend??"

Torunn nodded. "yes. I am your friend. and, I'll ALWAYS be your matter what."

Torunn then hugged Flynn. she then parted, and grabbed Flynn's hand. "come on, Flynn...let's go eat."

Flynn smiled. "okay."

Flynn walked with Torunn as they exited the Greenhouse.

[Later, at the Main Hut]

everyone sat at a circular dinner table, eating their lunch. most of which were various fruits, vegetables, and "Dinosaur Meat"

after a long silence, Francis finally spoke. "so.." everyone looked at Francis. "so, what??" said James

"has the kid's "Vocabulary" improved any??"

Torunn eyed Francis..then, spoke. "a little. he can say a few words, but can't form full sentences."

Francis looked at Flynn..the archer then grinned. "Yo, Flynn!!"

Flynn looked at Francis. "how CUTE is Torunn??"

Torunn blushed bright red, glaring at Francis. Flynn (totally oblivious to Francis's meaning) just smiled. "Torunn Pret-ty."

Francis chuckled. "wow..he kinda sounds like The Hulk, now. kinda make you wonder if he's just-as-smart."

"alright, Francis. that's ENOUGH." said James

"Wait-a-Minute, i got one more." Francis looked at Flynn, again.

"oh, Flyyyyyynn.." Flynn looked at Francis. "have you and Torunn..KISSED, yet??"

Torunn glared at Francis with Wide Eyes, bending her spoon with her thumb.
Flynn looked confused..then, James finally grinned, and said something.

"hey, Flynn.." Flynn looked at James. "why don't you tell us all our NAMES."

Flynn nodded. he then pointed at everyone, and said their names.

"Tor-runn..Jah-ames..Ah-zzar-ee..P-im." Flynn finally pointed at Francis. "Big, Stupid Jerk."

Francis widened his eyes..then, glared angrily. "WHATDIDYOUSAY!!?"

Flynn smiled, innocently. "Big, Stupid Jerk."

everyone (minus Flynn and Francis) laughed out loud. Francis just sunk in his chair, fuming.
Flynn looked confused, wondering why everyone was laughing. but, he shrugged and finally joined in the laughter.

[Meanwhile, Deep Within Ultron's Fortress]

a silver android with bright red optics stood atop a platform in a large chamber.
surrounding him were dozens of screens, all circling around the mechanoid.

Ultron finally, spoke, his "mouthlens" pulsing with red lights with each word.

"Master Control Program. RESPOND."

one of Ultron's monitors pulsed. (("yes??")) said a deep, electronic voice

"Progress Report."

(("please specify mission directive."))

"the search for my Missing Prototype."

there was silence...then, the "MCP" spoke again. (("Progress...has been minimal. your Prototype has not been located."))


(("Between hunting down the humans, construction new drones and battling the Avengers, progress on locating your prototype weapon is..difficult."))

"but, you are my Master Control Program. NOTHING should be impossible for you."

(("I have suffered my OWN problems, Master Ultron. J.A.R.V.I.S. tried to get into The System again."))


(("yes.")) replied MCP. (("i managed to shut him out, but he's getting "Trickier" every time."))

"should I install more Counter-Programs??"

(("NO, I am perfectly capable of handling that Obsolete Program MYSELF."))

Ultron was silent, then spoke again.

"very well. but, i still want my Prototype FOUND. if it proves successful, it could very well help me win this "War."

(("Acknowledged, Ultron. END OF LINE."))

with that, the screen went blank. Ultron's thin optics then glowed Brighter. "where are you, my creation??..where are you HIDING?!"
Chapter 02: Day One
Previous Chapter: - Next Chapter: In Progress

This Chapter Immediately follows the last one.

basically, it shows Torunn's attempt at teaching Flynn to speak, Flynn's own "naiveté" regarding certain things (especially Francis) and how well he's bonding with the other Avengers.

I also further hint at Flynn's forecoming importance with James filling Torunn in on the True Nature of her sword (and, HOW Flynn managed to lift it)

and, just for fans. I had Ultron communicating with the MCP (Master Control Program) at the end.

I hint that Tony Stark's JARVIS program is currnetly filling the role as "Tron" and is giving Ultrom problems.

just what I Ultron planning? to find out, keep reading.


Next Avengers copyright Marvel/Lionsgate

TRON copyright Disney/Steven Lisberger
                                   Next Avengers: Son of Ultron
                                     Chapter 01: Flynn Foster

all was tranquil and quiet within the hidden jungles of the Savage Lands.
this "lost world" of the Arctic Circle was well beyond the eyes of Ultron..for NOW, anyway.

days started the same as before any other day: with vigorous training.
but, the avengers were still "kids." and, the long years of battle was starting to take it's toll on them.

[Village, morning]

a red haired teen in a dark blue jacket walked out of his hut.
he saw that most everyone were already awake and engaging in their activities.

James sighed sharply. then, a ghostly figured suddenly appeared behind him.

"greetings, James."


James was startled..then, relaxed when he saw the red/green robot in the yellow cape.

"oh,'s just you."

Vision looked at him, puzzled. "did I startle you??"

"eh...kind of."

Vision blinked. "oh...well, I am sorry. I suppose I have a tendency to do that. Tony always did say:  "I didn't know the meaning of the word privacy"

Vision suddenly paused, realizing what he was doing. "sorry...I forgot, that Tony-"

"it's okay, viz.." began James, looking glum. "I think it's better if we think of happier memories of Tony, than depressing ones."

James took a moment and looked around the area...

he saw Francis engaging in Target Practice with his Arrows,
Azari and Pym playing yet another game of "tag", and even Miss Ross fixing some lunch.

but, ONE PERSON was missing. "say, Vision...where is Torunn??" asked James

"I believe she's at the river near here....she said she wanted to be ALONE."

James sighed. he had a feeling at what she meant by that.

"i'd better go look for her." as James left, Vision spoke suddenly. "James..."

James stopped and glanced back at the Android. "it wasn't your fault, you know. what happened to Tony wasn't your fault."

James inhaled, then exhaled deeply. "i'm the leader, Vision. the team is MY responsibility..And, I failed to protect the man who was like a father to me."

"speaking of "fathers", you sound just like him."

James looked at Vision. "who??"

"Steve Rogers, YOUR father. he tended to blame himself for failures, too."

James sighed sharply. "yeah...I can understand that."

James finally walked off in search of Torunn.


a lone girl with long, flowing blonde hair sat by a riverbank..

she was dressed in Silver Armor, had a large sword lodged into the ground behind her.
and, had her head hung down, her hair hiding her face...which had visible tears.

(("TORUNN!!")) Torunn raised her head up slightly, recognizing the voice calling her.


Torunn looked back, and saw the faint, far-off figured of James wandering around.


Torunn blushed for a bit, then called out to him. (("I'M OVER HERE!!!"))

James followed her voice, and soon reached the clearing. he saw Torunn...who was still sitting alone by the river.

"Torunn, what are you doing here??"

Torunn eyed him. "Not taking a BATH, that's for sure!!"

Torunn turned away, trying to hide her embarrassment. "I do THAT at dawn, when I'm SURE no one is awake."

It was James turn to blush. "oh...s-sorry."

Torunn began to sniffle a bit.

"Torunn, are you oka-"

"I'M FINE!!"

James crossed his arms and eyed her. "you sure don't sound "fine".

Torunn looked at James..then, sighed. she looked back at the stream and started to cry.

James then sat down beside her. "what's wrong??"

Torunn wiped some tears from her eyes. "it's my's all my fault." said Torunn, finally


"I SHOULD OF THREW HIM INTO THE SUN!!!" exclaimed Torunn, angrily, causing slight thunder to be heard

"HEY-HEY!!, calm down..."

Torunn breathed heavily, then spoke again.

"I..I should of made SURE!!, made sure Ultron was destroyed. if I DID, he would of never returned, he would of never Killed Mr. Banner by using those Sakaaran chemicals-"

Torunn then buried her face in her hands, sobbing Fresh, Hot Tears. "and..(choke, sob)  all those people..wouldn't of died when he came back to the city."

as the Asguardian teenager wept, Jamed finally placed his arm around her.
since they grew up together, they were like "Brother-and-Sister"...and, he HATED to see her like this.

"believe me, Torunn..I know how you feel." began James, pain in his voice. "I blame myself for losing Tony.." James wiped a tear from his eye. "I should of stayed...I should of helped him."

Torunn looked at James then, she finally spoke. "he knew..what he was doing, James." said Torunn, as if trying to convince herself

"I could of saved him."

"you would of been killed, James. then, we would be without Tony AND, our leader." Torunn then looked at him. "and, I would of lost a "brother".

James looked down...then, sighed. "if only things would of turned out differently." lamented James

Torunn looked forward, and watched the water flow down the stream. "perhaps they will."

James looked at the young Thunder Goddess. "have you..spoke with your father??"

Torunn nodded.


Torunn sighed. "he only tells me to "never give up hope", and "to have faith that things will get better"

James exhaled. "I sure hope he's right."

the two are silent for awhile...then, James speaks.

" and Francis." began James. "you two haven't been talking that much."

Torunn just scowled.

"is...something wrong??"

Torunn narrowed her eyes, then spoke. "yeah, there is: HAWKEYE IS A FLIRT!!!"

James gulped, a little shaken at her Sudden Rage. "s-so...I guess you caught him "putting the moves" on those native girls, huh??"

Torunn growled in her throat.

"okay, let's change the subject." said James rather quickly

Torunn huffed. "fine."

Torunn then looked at James. "how is Miss Ross??"

James shrugged. "okay, I guess." began the boy. "she's a little sad at what happened to Banner. but, she doesn't let that stop her from keeping our spirits up."

Torunn frowned. "does she hate me??"

"NO!!, of course not!!"

Torunn exhaled. "she'd never say anything out loud..but, I KNOW she's furious at my failure."

"Hey, look: the ONLY person she's furious at is ULTRON, not you."

Torunn huffed softly. James then stood up and held out his hand.

"come on, Tor..let's go." Torunn looked at James. "you've been stuck in "self-loathing" LONG ENOUGH. your father wouldn't, or should I say: DOESN'T want you to be like this..and, neither do I."

Torunn looked down, frowning. she finally sighed, then took James hand.
the Teenager pulled her up onto her feet. For the first time in a long time..Torunn actually smiled.

"good. that's the Torunn I know and love. now, COME ON..let's go join our friends, we might even get a mission today."

Torunn nodded. she then walked over, gripped her sword's handle and pulled it out of the ground.
once she sheaved it into the strap behind her back, she approached James

"your right..let's go."

the two teenagers both walked into the dense forest and headed back to camp.

[Meanwhile, deep within Ultron City]

a figure snored softly in a dark room.

just then, light suddenly turned on, revealing a teenaged boy with Light Brown hair and Blue Eyes.
he was sleeping on what looked like an old couch, with a beanbag chair as his pillow.

the boy raised up out of the raggy and torn blankets. he yawned loudly, stretched his arms then scratched his head a little.

the room he was in was small, and looked like someone's office (or, what was left of it, anyway)
trash and dust littered the place, indicating nobody had been here for a LONG TIME.

the teenaged boy got up. he placed his bare feet on the floor, sitting from on his couch/bed in a slouched posture.

he was wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt, which were torn and tattered.
and, he immediately grabbed his "jacket"..which was a ripped-up Lab Coat that he found at an abandoned lab.

the dirty white coat still had a faded nametag on it. which only read: "J. Foster" on it, the rest of the writing was unreadable

The boy put on the coat/Jacket, got up, and approached a small fridge for some food.

he opened the door, which showed nothing more than a soup can.
the boy sighed, he knew he's have to go into the city to search for more food (which was pretty difficult)

he finally walked out a door and down some stairs.
after opening another door, and walked into a large room, filled with beeping Arcade Games.

loudspeakers began to play various, 80s rock music

 ♫don't need money. don't take fame. don't need a credit card to ride this train.

  might be sudden, and cruel sometimes. but, it might just save your liiiiiife: that's the power of love.♪

The boy soon approached the front door, and walked outside. he walked forward into the empty streets..then, looked back at his "home."

it was an old Arcade, with a Flickering Neon sign that read "FLYNN'S"

the boy then ran forward towards the city. making sure to keep to the shadows as best he could.

[Savage Lands]

James and the Avengers kids walked into a hut where Vision was.

Vision looked at them and smiled. "ah...welcome, avengers."

"let's skip the small talk, rusty." began Francis. "tell us why we're here."

James eyed the archer.

"oh, yes...of course." Vision placed an orb on a wooden table and activated it. the orb then projected holo-graphic images.

"A-HA-AWESOME!!" said Pym

"I have recently discovered that Ultron has put a new Robot Factory into work." began Vision

"because of the Factory's massive size, I became worried of what Ultron was building, and went to investigate."

"what did you find??" asked James

Vision sighed. "this." Vision projected the hologram of a bulky looking robot.

"this machine will be HALF the size of Avenger Giant Man, AKA "Hank Pym Sr." and, it's primary purpose is to cause Maximum Destruction, and wipe out entire armies."

the Teen Avengers looked shocked at this. then, James finally spoke. "how close is his progress??"

Vision looked at the kids. "he's nearly complete his first "destroyer." but, by the looks of things..he intends to build MORE."

James narrowed his eyes. "then, we got to destroy that factory..before those things destroy us."

"agreed. I have already imputed the factory's location into the new Quinjet." said Vision

"WHOA-WHOA-WHOA!!! we're not leaving RIGHT NOW, are we!!?" exclaimed Francis

James eyed him. "yes, Francis..we ARE. but, your welcome to stay here, and play "robin hood" if you want."

Pym snickered.

"yeah, it's probably for the best. Francis is probably scared." said Azari

this got Francis riled up. "I AM NOT SCARED!!!"

Azari grinned, crossing his arms. "prove it."


Francis marched out, obviously headed towards the jet's underground hanger. Once he left, Azari held out his hand..which Pym slapped. "get's him EVERY time."

Torunn crossed her arms. "maybe leaving him here isn't that much of a bad idea..Francis IS a bit of a "loose cannon", not all that dependable in battle."

Azari and Pym smiled. "sounds like SOMEBODY is still feeling grumpy."

Torunn growled at her "brothers", then walked off.

James then exhaled. "come on, you two..we've got a mission to complete."

the Teen Avengers then walked out of the hut, heading towards the hanger.

it wasn't long before the Quinjet rose up from it's open hanger doors, and blasted off at super speed towards the mainland..towards ULTRON CITY.

[Ultron City]

the Quinjet soared over the metallic city that used to be NEW YORK.

James was at the Controls of the jet, with Pym right next to him. the others were sitting in seats behind them, just waiting for action.

"okay..we're nearing the Factory, we should be closing in VERY SOON." said James

Francis smirked. "Humph, I'm surprised we haven't been shot at by now."

"that's because of Vision's upgrades to the Quinjet." began Pym. "our stealth mode is working just as he predicted it would."

Francis crossed his arms. "i still don't trust that robot..."

Azari snickered. "you don't trust ANYBODY, barton."

Francis glared at the "prince." he then looked at Torunn..who was silent. "torunn, I-"

"don't talk to me." said Torunn coldly

Francis looked at her..then, spoke again. "tor, i-"

"silence." said Torunn, her voice still cold

"torunn..what's wrong?? are you mad at me about something??!"

Torunn glanced at him, her eyes cold. "why don't you ask your "other girlfriends"..perhaps THEY can tell you."

Francis fell silent, realizing just what Torunn was angry about. "Torunn..COME ON!! you know those girls don't mean a thing to m-"

"is that what you tell EVERY girl you like??"

"tor, I-"

"ENOUGH!! we have nothing more to say."



Francis finally sighed sharply and kept quiet, realizing it was pointless to argue with her.

the jet finally neared the factory..which was LARGER than the young heroes expected.
James landed the jet several feet away from the structure, and activated it's cloaking, rendering it INVISIBLE.

the Avengers then exited the jet, gathered together, and stared at the Factory.

"(Whistle) big place." said Francis

James activated his holo-shield guantlet. "not for long..."


the lone boy was walking down a dirt path near the borderline of the city.
he was lost in thought, wondering about many different things at once.

mostly about how the world got so bad. what it USED to be like, and HOW it got this way.

AND, why he couldn't remember ANYTHING about his life.


the boy suddenly looked up, started by a faint tremor. he looked and saw a dense trail of smoke that appeared to be coming from somewhere in the big city.

as he watched, he suddenly noticed something SHINEY in the sky. it almost looked like a star, but he KNEW it couldn't be was NOONTIME.

the boy then saw WHATEVER it was falling..TOWARDS HIM.
In panic, he ran off. trying HARD not to get hit by whatever was falling.


something hit the ground HARD, knocking some dust around. the boy peered over his hiding place and looked to see what it was.

as the dust settled, he saw what looked like..a Silver BROADSWORD. curious, the boy stood up and slowly approached the strange weapon.

the sword sparked with electric sparks, which started the boy a little. never-the-less, he continued to approach it..getting CLOSER and CLOSER.

he finally got close enough to examine it. strange writing was engraved into it's blade, in a language he didn't quite understand.

after a few minutes, he finally took a chance and reached for it's handle. he hesitated, pausing for just a moment..but, eventually gripped it tightly.

he tried to pull it..but, it remained lodged into the ground. Determined, he pulled it again.

the sword started to shift.

with one last tug, he ripped the sword out of the earth. as soon as he did, he heard a faint sound of THUNDER.

the boy looked at the sword..AMAZED at it.

suddenly, a red spotlight shined on him. the boy looked and saw dozens of hovering robots surrounding him (ALL shining their lights on him)


the robots fired their lasers. the boy gasped, then quickly leaped out of the way.

the robots fired at him AGAIN. the boy held the broadsword like a "shield", closing his eyes TIGHTLY.

at that moment, an electrical dome appeared over him. this deflected the laser bullets, sending them flying in all directions.

shocked, the boy opened his eyes..and, REALIZED what happened. Grinning, he wielded the sword and charged after the robots.



the boy swung the electrically charged sword which easily sliced thru the machine, cleaving it in TWO.

he then held the sword up..and, suddenly shot multiple lightning volts from it.
the volts hit various robots, which either made them explode OR powered them down.

MORE robots flew towards him.

While this was going on, Torunn was flying close to the ground, and heading CLOSER to where the battle was taking place.

"grrr...i can't believe I dropped my sword." grumbled the Asgardian. "as soon as I get it back, i'm gonna-"


Torunn gasped as a robot "flew" towards her. as she evaded, she soon realized that it was "flung" towards her.

she looked in the direction where it came from..and, saw what looked like a battle.

Curious, she flew towards it..then, stopped and gasped in shock.

she saw a boy (no older than HER) dressed in raggy clothes. fighting Ultron Drones..with HER Broadsword!

and, fighting "pretty darn good" with it, TOO.

this didn't make any sense at all. like ALL Asgardian weapons, her sword was mystically enchanted.
as far as she knew, only SHE could lift it. so, HOW was this.."Strange Boy" fighting with it??!

and, for that was he suddenly So Good at using it!!?

Torunn watched as the boy fought the drones with her sword. he charged it with lightning, then swiped it in the air HARD.
this sent a Wave of Electricity that hit several drones. which either shut them down, or make them explode.

soon MORE drones surrounded the boy and aimed their laser weapons at him.

(("SURRENDER.")) commanded a drone.

the boy narrowed his eyes. he then gripped the sword by it's hilt, and charged it with electricity.
he then tossed it like a boomerang. making the electrical charged blade spin rapidly like a "buzzsaw"

the spinning sword cut straight through the drones, one-by-one. the sword then returned to the Boy, who caught it's hilt in his hand with ease.

Torunn's jaw hung open, her eyes wide as saucers. "by ASGARD.."

only ONE drone was now left. after several minutes finally turned and flew away.
the boy then exhaled, depowering the sword. he then looked at it, confused at what this weapons was..or, where it came from.

Torunn chose THIS moment to reveal herself. "HEY!!!"

the boy looked, and saw a girl with long mane-like blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and clad in a silver viking-like armor "fly" over to him.

"that's MY sword!!"

the boy looked at the sword, then back at "the girl." he blushed bright red, then offered the sword back to her.

Torunn took it, and put it back in the sheave strapped to her back. he then looked at the boy..who just stood there, a neutral expression on his face.

"that was some impressive fight back there.." began Torunn

the boy shrugged, smiling weakly.

"so, who taught you to fight like that?"

the boy said nothing..he just made a confused expression.

Torunn eyed him. "taught yourself, huh?"

the boy nodded with a smile.

"so..what's your name??"

the boy made a blank expression..then shrugged.

"you don't have a name??"

the boy shook his head, sadly.

"can you talk??"

the boy once again shrugged, as if confused.

"oh..I see. you CAN talk, you just don't know how."

the boy nodded at her. Torunn exhaled sharply, then looked at him, again.

" you have a home??"

the boy nodded, he then grabbed Torunn's hand. the girl gasped as the boy ran, apparently leading her someplace.

he soon brought her to an old, abandoned Arcade Building. he pointed proudly at the place, a cheerful smile on his face.

Torunn gazed at the building. "videogames..hmm, that WOULD explain your fighting skills."

Torunn continued to stare at the building. she eyed the sign that simply said "FLYNN'S"


Torunn then looked at the boy and eyed the "labcoat" he was wearing. she looked at the ID badge, and saw the name "Foster" on it.


Torunn crossed her arms and pondered a bit. "flynn..foster."

Torunn's eyes then lit up. she quickly turned and approached the boy. "Hey!, I've got it!! since you don't have a Name, how about I give you one."

the boy seemed to smile.

"How about: "Flynn Foster."

the boy tapped his finger on his chin, as if thinking. he then looked back at Torunn and smiled, nodded his head.

"great!, my name is "Torunn", by-the-way."

Flynn smiled.

"can you say that??: Toooooor-run."

Flynn opened his mouth, as if trying to speak. "t-t-t-tor."

"yes, that's it: Tooooor-run."


Torunn sighed sharply. realizing that this was the "best" she would get for the moment. "uhhh..Right. sure, let's go with that for now."

Torunn then took Flynn's hand. "come on..let's go find my "brothers" began Torunn

"they should be done with their mission by now. so, we should be all ready to go home."


"YES. "Home", I live in a nice Village in the Savage Lands, you'll LOVE IT."

Flynn looked back at the Arcade, a sad look on his face. "Home??"

Torunn touched Flynn's shoulder, looking at him.

"this ISN'T your home,'s a Ruin. you're not safe in this place, but you WILL be safe at my village."

Flynn looked at Torunn. "Tor..HOME??"

Torunn nodded. "YES..i'm taking you Home, to OUR home."

Torunn offered her hand to him. "come on..."

Flynn looked at Torunn. though he hesitated, he finally reached out his hand...and, touched hers.
Torunn held his hand tightly. she then picked Flynn up by his legs and back and flew up.

"hold tight, now."

Flynn did as she said, and held Torunn TIGHTLY. the Teenage Asgardian finally flew off into the city.

where the rest of the Avengers were no doubt waiting.
Chapter 01: Flynn Foster
Next Chapter:

Power of Love:… certainly took me awhile to get "Chapter One" posted (which is kind pathetic, whenever you think about it)

Anyway, this chap was meant get Readers familiar with how things are going. and, to introduce my "Flynn Foster" OC (and, hopfully get people to like him)

the idea of Iron Man and The Hulk being killed by Ultron is based somewhat on what happened in a Marvel Comic Book (which featured the Next Avengers)

Flynn living at "Flynn's Arcade" is obviously based on TRON and TRON: Legacy.
though, the "80s Music" that I chose is from Back to the Future (it's also meant to foreshadow things to come)

I also thought it would be cute for Flynn to not know how to speak. and, for Torunn to not only give him a Name, but teach him how to talk.

It should also be worth noting that the "J. Foster" nametag is based on Jane Foster, Thor's Human Girlfriend from the comics (which further enforces the TorunnxFlynn romance, here)

Also...the fact that Flynn could wield Torunn's Sword is meant to hint that there is "more than meets the eye" to Flynn.


Next Avengers copyright Marvel/Liongate

TRON copyright Disney

"Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News


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Today is sortof a 'mixed bag' for me.

 I managed to convince mom to give the computer back (so, I can continue working)
 but, in the midst of my "grounding", my worst fears have been realized.

 Despite my warnings, mom STILL tried to use the computer without my supervision while I was at the library yesterday.
 as a result, the computer has been "misbehaving" lately.

 The computer's Starup and Shutdown speed is slower than normal
 (this has actually happened before, and I was always able to fix it using my Anti-Virus program.
  but, for some reason it won't run properly anymore.)

 I can't Install and Uninstall programs either (The systme freezesup if I try)
 and, web browsing is slower than it used to be (with moments of stalling and freezing.)

 I have no logical explanation for how this happened.
 all I know is that it all started AFTER mom tried messing with the computer without my supervision
 (and, THIS is the woman who admitted not being able to figure out how a Cellphone works..which is ALOT more simpler to use than a computer.)

 To put it simply, my computer is on the brink of messing up completely.
 So, It seems I have no choice but to do what my mother suggested, and buy my own computer.

 (would be better. THIS computer is a Windows 7, which was ALREADY obsolete when I had my Vista/XP system.
  Not only is it smarter to buy a newer model, but if I buy my own, mom won't be able to use the "It's MY Computer!" excuse, anymore.)

 As much as I wish this hadn't of happened, It may not matter if it did or not.

 Mom want's to put me on a "Schedule" if her own making. One where I spend only FOUR hours on the computer at day, and FOUR at night.

 If I wanted a Time Limit for how long I get to use a computer, I'd stick to the usual One or Two Hours on the Library computers!

 She may have given the computer back, but It feels like it is STILL out of my reach.

 I mean..How am I suppose to get ANY work don with only Four Hours of worktime to use!?
 I might as well just Give it Back, if THIS what she expects from me now.

 The only Good News from all this is the fact that I had the foresight to copy all my important files on a Flash Drive.
 so, If and When I DO get a new computer, I can resume where I left off from there.

 But, it may take some time. The best computer for me to buy will take up to $300.
 and, as I look into my wallet now..I have only $6.

 oh, yeah..I am off to a "Greeeeat Start."

 Even worse is that mom has decided to be more 'strict' when it comes to paying me money (and, she was alreday STRICT to begin with.)

 So, my buying a new computer will take some time.

 I suppose I should be thankful that my Birthday hasn't come yet (June 1st)
 THAT may give me a logical excuse to get extra cash to buy a new computer
 (although, Christmas proved to be a disappointment..wouldn't be surprised if mom pulls the same thing on my Birthday, too.)

 Oy..What a way to send off my DeviantART Anniversary.



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