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Shere Khan Motivational by MetroXLR99
Shere Khan Motivational

 In the Persian Language, "Shere" (or, "Shir") translates as "Tiger"
 and, "Khan" (a surname) translates as "sovereign," or "King."

 (So, technically "Shere Khan" means "Tiger King")

 a well chosen name for the natural villain of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.
 a Tiger so fierce, that even OTHER Tigers tremble in his presence.

 Normally when natural animal characters in stories are "anthroized"
 they don't due too well, and are poorly received by many.

 but, the creators of TaleSpin did excellent work adapting the most feared predator of the Indian Jungle
 into an equally feared figure in the fictionalized 1930s "urban jungle" of the Corporate Office.

 Somehow it just makes since for Shere Khan to be like Lex Luthor.
 and, the late Tony Jay (replacing George Sanders) made every word Khan said
 become intimidating, sending chills down one's spine.

 TaleSpin had numerous good qualities that it's well remembered for.
 and, Shere Khan and KHAN INDUSTRIES is certainly one of those highlights.


 TaleSpin © Disney

 "Shere Khan" © Rudyard Kipling

Father, Son by MetroXLR99
Father, Son


 "MusicArt" based upon an event that I am to write in later chapters
 of my MLP story: 'My Little Pony: Beyond Life and Death'

 To better understand the meaning behind this..I will have to explain.

 First off, I will explain my OC 'Alex Cosmos' (the green earth pony.)

 Alex is an Earth Pony whose parents are a Unicorn Stallion and a Pegasi Mare.
 but, while his mothers loves him unconditionally..his father outright despises him for BEING an Earth Pony,
 and, not an Alicorn like he wanted, OR at least a Unicorn like himself.

 Alex father is UNcaring, UNloving and a stereotypical Abusive Father/Husband,
 who was eventually imprisoned after his violent behavior cost the life of Alex mother (and, quite nearly himself.)

 HOWEVER, Alex eventually DOES get a happy ending.
 as he not only befriended Twilight Sparkle..but developed a romantic relationship with her.

 and, when it came time for Alex to meet her parents, well..things turned out better than expected.

 Twilight's own father (Night Light) took a liking to Alex polite and caring nature.
 and, upon learning of his past and "daddy issue", decided to give Alex what he always wanted
 and, become a 'father figure' to the young stallion, offering to spend the day with him for a whole day.

 For Alex, that whole day almost seemed to sponge away a whole lifetime of pain and misery.
 as Twilight Dad is everything he could ever want in a father.

 The song that I chose for this is called 'Father, Son' by Peter Gabrel,
 and, featured in the animated film 'Barnyard.'

 I chose it becomes it's an emotional song focusing on Fathers and Sons.
 (I imagine Alex singing it himself.)

 The true purpose of this artwork is to show that one's father (or, Mother) doesn't have to be your own.
 sometimes even the parent of a friend and spouse can fill the void if you are ever feeling alone.

 It doesn't ALWAYS have to be like what they show on Sitcoms (you know..IN-LAW Jokes, and all that.)


 My Little Pony © Bonnie Zacherle/:iconfyre-flye:/Hasbro

 "Father, Son" © Peter Gabrel

Well, I only just woke up!
I can tell I am in for a LOOOONG NIGHT.


MetroXLR99's Profile Picture
Cody D. Coates
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am an Artist and a Writer.

I am a BIG Fan of Cartoons, Animated Movies
Comic Books (mostly Superheroes) and Video Games.

To list them all would take too long
(although, Sonic The Hedgehog, Batman, The Powerpuff Girls/Dexter's Laboratory
Danny Phantom/Fairly Oddparents, Looney Tunes and Transformers are my personal favorites)

So, let's just say I am a fan of MOST, if not all.

I also don't give a darn what Critics, Fanatics and Trolls think of my work.
I LOVE what I do...and, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

E-Mail Address: Account:…

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YouTube Account:…

Twitter Account:

Been surfing YouTube, looking around for some good MLP fan videos
as I have heard that those things are real popular, and most of which are just as good as the real show.

I found quite a bit that I like (and, hope and pray that Hasbro doesn't try and remove over stupid copyright cr*p. It's called FANART, People!!)

Here is a list of my favorites (links supplied, if able.)

 1. Doctor Whooves and Assistant, Parts 1-3:…



 These series of shorts is basically the pilot episode "Friendship is Magic"
 but, from the perspective of Derpy (called "Ditzy" here) and Doctor Whooves.

 in the first episode, the TARDIS police box arrives in Equestria, and "The Doctor" walks out.
 at first, he is oblivious to the fact that he isn't in London anymore, NOR that he is a Pony for that matter.

 he meets Derpy, who assumes the TARDIS is his house, and that he must have hit his head pretty hard,
 due to how ignorant Whooves is on the most basic of pony knowledge, and his over-enthusiasm at this strange new world.

 the second part of the short shows The Doctor talking non-stop about the first things that pop in his head (and, Derpy beginning to think he is crazy)

 after nearly offending Derpy by assuming she wasn't smart due to her "wall-eyes", the two arrive at Ponyville just in time to see Nightmare Moon appear for the first time.

 In the third and final part, Whooves and Derpy venture into the EverFree forest to try and "help" Nightmare Moon.

 Derpy thinks it's real stupid to head straight into danger, but Whooves is more excited than afraid (in fact, he isn't scared at all.)

 against her better judgement (Whooves promised her a muffin), Derpy accompanies Whooves on his mission.

 Predictably they run into some obstacles. First, a Manticore grabs Derpy, and Whooves rescues her by throwing a rock at it (which he is amazed at being able to do) and knocking it away with a thorned tree branch.

 then, Whooves fearlessly attemps to cross a rickety old bridge and has to be rescued by Derpy when it breaks apart.

 the whole journey proves to be useless, though. as the two arrive just in time to see the Mane Six use the elements of harmony to change Nightmare Moon back into Luna.

 Back at Ponyville, Derpy is convinced that Whooves is really a time traveler when Princess Luna somehow recognizes him.

 The Doctor attempts to return back hom in the TARDIS..but only succeeds arriving at the time of the Winter Wrap-Up.

 I found this mini-episode amusing. Doctor Whooves and Derpy made quite a comedic team.
 and, Whooves over-enthusiasm and ignorance is what made this short enjoyable.

 I see now why so many fans ship Derpy and Doctor Whooves.



 2. Save Derpy:…

 Derpy appears in a setting akin to a video confessional.

 she begins talking about how she was loved my many, and says in her own words
 how she feels over the recent "controversy" that led to people being upset, and wanting her to either be changed or go away entirely.

 halfway through, she breaks into tears, apologizes to her critics and expression graditude at those who are still her fans, and love her.

 CLEARLY, this short was done as a reaction to the whole "Last Roundup" episode that this issue started from.
 and, was made by Derpy fans who were upset over Hasbro's attempt at changing her so she would be more "PC"

 There is NO WAY any decent human being can watch this without feeling the need to give Derpy a hug.
 and, it is on this list because I like Derpy, and the acting in this short seemed too real

 If this doesn't make you cry..then, you have no soul.


 3. Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville:…

 Vinyl Scratch is the subject of a reality TV type of interview,
 in which an unseen reportor questions both Octavia AND Vinyl on the subject matter.

 Octavia admits that she likes having a roommate who does the dishes (if only she didn't wash them with "wubs")
 Vinyl states that Octavia is a good friend..but can be "up-tight"

 this is related to when Vinyl set Octavia up on a date with a musician that Octavia "admired from afar"
 BUT, said date ended in distaster when he tore up sugar cube corner, leaving Pinkie Pie in a terrified state.

 despite the issues between them, Octavia and Vinyl had GOOD things to say about one another, too.

 Octavia mentions that Vinyl once saved equestria by blasting Discord with a "Wub Cannon"
 and, Vinyl relates how she learned what "friendship" really means when Octavia let her sandwich.

 I liked this short, as it emphasises the "Odd Couple" parallel between Octavia and Vinyl.

 there was also a joke in which Vinyl tried to use an iPhone..but, failed to dial any numbers due to her hooves
 and, thought out loud why she even had an iPhone to begin with..and, threw it in a fireplace, where it exploded.


 4. Snowdrop:…

 a more Serious and Dramatic short, in which the origins of "the very first snowflake" is detailed.

 the focus character is "Snowdrop", a blind pegasi filly and wishes to give winter a special significance
 by creating snow shaped like "wishing stars", and bestowing it as a gift for the next spring celebration.

 Celestia and Luna accept the gift, and request that Snowdrop make more.

 Many, MANY years later (long after her death) Snowdrop's very first snowflake is reluctantly used for a winter celebration.

 This was one of many fan animations that I have heard good things about, and I can see why.
 the story is good enough to be a canon episode, and the ending could warm even the toughest heart.

 I especially liked how the short showed a younger Celestia and Luna with pink and light blue manes, respectfully.


 5. Vinyl and Octavia: Sunrise Surprise:…

 Octavia is awoken from a "saucy dream" by the ear-splitting sounds of Vinyl "wubbing" the dishes.
 she manages to reach the kitchen, and turn off the dishwasher (which upsets Vinyl)

 Vinyl then gives Octavia a sandwhich..a sanchwhich with HOT SAUCE in it.
 Octavia's situation becomes worse as there is no water, and the fridge is nearly bare.

 left with no choice, she buries her whole face into a pie (the whole time, Vinyl is laughing)

 Octavia then throw the pie at Viny's head, and later..makes her clean up.

 Yet another funny "odd couple" short featuring Vinyl and Octavia.

 an instant favorite.


 6. a Tale of One Shadow:…

 a Musical Short detailing a possible origin of King Sombra.

 details are vague, but it appears Sombra was once friends with/in a relation with a crystal pony mare.
 and, after a spell went wrong, went into battle with his his evil self..which he lost, and ended up becoming evil himself.

 the short ends with King Sombra as the dictator we all know him to be,
 and, ALL crystal ponies being enslaved..including his mare friend, who only looks on in sadness.

 I didn't have to find this short. It was linked to me by somebody after I mentioned
 my liking of the idea that Sombra used to be good, and may have been in a relationship with Princess Luna.

 Obviously this is something different, but is close enough to my interpretation of the scenario.

 as such, It's a favorite.


 7. Take a Bow:…

 Yet another funny Octavia/Vinyl cartoon.

 the short begins with Vinyl just lounging about, watching a Daring Do cartoon on television.
 when Octavia walking it, holding a cello bow in her ear with the string broken.

 obviously, Vinyl had something to do with it (which she did)
 and, Vinyl explains that during a "wub session", her glasses were blown off into a mouse hole.

 Vinyl couldn't reach them, so she used the "hooked end" of Octavia's bow to try and fish them out
 (Octavia interrupts Vinyl, asking she she didn't just use her unicorn which Vinyl chuckles nervously)

 In the end, Vinyl got  back her glasses..but, snapped the bow string in the process.

 Oddly enough, Octavia isn't angry at all and immediatly goes about restringing it
 (she does this by yanking out wads of hair from Vinyl's tail, indicating that "horse hair" is needed for the string)

 It would appear the short ends right there..until Octavia tries to play her Cello using the restringed bow,
 which Vinyl's hair has caused to make a low "wubbing" sound that shatters nearby glass.

 Vinyl demands the reluctant Octavia do it again (which she DOES)
 to which the misty eyed Vinyl declares: "I..LOVE You." to Octavia.

 This made my list for obvious reasons: It's funny, and a great Vinyl/Octavia short.

 They should make this into an actual episode.


 8. Twas the Night Before Pinkie:…

 An unseen narrator "tries" to tell a pony version of the classic holiday tale "The Night Before Christmas"
 but, keeps getting interrupted by the talkative, fourth wall breaking Pinkie Pie (who eventually drives him bananas.)

 This made my list because it's the one fan-made MLP video that made me burst out into laughter.
 (the minute the poor narraror screamed..I just couldn't control myself any longer.)


 9. Derpy Gets Her License:…

 Part of a series of shorts. Derpy attempts to have her ID Photo taken.
 but, some failure in communication the the photographer's part leads to a BAD photo.

 This made my favorite because Derpy was just so Cute and Innocent in this.


 10. Are You Twilightlicious?:…

 Based on a popular meme, Twilight bugs Spike about whether or not he's "Twilightlicious"

 he leaved the room without saying a word..leaving Bubbles (from the Powerpuff Girls)
 to apparently take Twilight's picture with an iPhone.

 It's apparent that this video is a tribute to Tara Strong
 (the voice of Twilight Sparkle AND Bubbles) which makes it one of the good ones.


I have ALOT more videos than this.
but, for time reasons, I decided to edit down my full list, and just post the first ten in this one
(because the full list goes up to at least Thirty, and NOBODY want's to sit through that!)

I shall past Part II, and the next Ten at a later date.

til the, enjoy these ones.


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