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MLP - Hades and Zeus (Rough Lineart) by MetroXLR99
MLP - Hades and Zeus (Rough Lineart)







"Only the Foolish or Daring ponies have ever tried to venture into Tartarus, a dark domain where the most vile and wicked of creatured are imprisoned and tormented.

most never get past Cerberus, the guardian of the gates..So, most never really learn that Cerberus isn't the true ruler of Tartarus.


the true ruler of Hades, the dark god of death.

Hades can take on many forms, but as he deals with ponies most of the time, he tends to mostly resemble an Equine himself.

Ironically enough, Hades is a very calm, coolheaded god..but, while brief, his explosive temper is not to be taken lightly.


Predictably, Hades despises his job as ruler of Tartarus (in which he is mostly the warden the one big prison)

but, despite his personal feelings he takes his job VERY seriously, and won't stand for any of his rules and laws being violated (such as "Escapes")


The only one who can keep Hades in control is his wife, "Persephone", who always knows just what to say to talk Hades into doing anything."



[Character Voice: James Woods]






"While his name is slipped into legend, the Thunder God Zeus never-the-less pays a service to all living things in Equestria by ruling over Paradise, and ensuring the afterlives of Ponies and Non-Ponies is true to the name of his domain.

Zeus is very kind, compassionate and fatherly in personality. but, if provoked, he can have quite a "thunderous" temper.


the only REAL threat to his rule is his own brother Hades (ruler of Tartarus), who is constantly trying to take the throne of Paradise, leaving Zeus in Tartarus (but, being brothers, Zeus is always willing to Forgive and Forget the repetitive insurgency)


Zeus muse and inspiration is his wife, "Hera", who often councils him on the proper things to do in times of crisis."




[Character Voice: Corey Burton]






This idea REALLY originated from a conversation that I had with :icondevious-discord-rp: regarding the Afterlife, and who rules what in my MLP fanon.

the concept of a ponty Heaven and Hell came into being from the main setting of a "Ghost World" (based on the Ghost Zone from Danny Phantom) as a third afterlife for deceased spirits who fail to crossover, and became ghosts as a result.


wanting to avoid nasty religious conflict (I am not naming names) I decided to base "Paradise" and "Tartarus" on the Mount Olympus and Underworld realms of Greek Mythology, and have Zeus and Hades be the rulers, AND be based on the Disney incarnations from Hercules.



Tartarus has already been mentioned (and, somewhat seen) in the actual show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so this isn't a shot in the dark.

but, come on, people..Everybody's favorite Hades is the one made famous by James Woods performance of the character.

and, who wouldn't want to see/hear James Woods Hades on MLP?! (we all know that if Hasbro seriously did this, James Woods would do it in a heartbeat, seeing as how he's repised his Hades role in nearly ever form of media from Television to Videogames.)


Zeus is also a fun character. Disney having given him quite a sense of humor, and a fatherly personality.

he seems like an idea "God" character for MLP as far as a heavenly afterlife goes.


As for the Artwork itself..Well, I've never drawn greek-styled character before (so, I of course am inexperienced with "Togas", or whatever that type of clothing is called.)

It's hard enough drawing HUMANS is such a style, Ponies are even harder.

all I like about this are the faces..the rest of them are "meh" worthy.


I clearly need more practice..which is why I labeled this "Rough Lineart"


So, here we are: Zeus and Hades. two character who may soon have cameo appearances in my MLP fiction "Beyond Life and Death" once I figure out how to write them in properly.

UPDATE: Due to the constant tedious questions on the "Other" Gods made by one whose name I won't mention.
              I wish to be clear on the fact that this is an AU, and as such, only ZEUS and HADES are the only gods featured.

              Apart from their wives (and, maybe Posidon) There are NO OTHER Olmypian Gods (so, QUIT ASKING!)

              Gods like Apollo and Morphius would only make Celestia and Luna's duties debatable.
              and, besides: According to Greek Myth, in the beginning, there were only THREE of the Olympian Gods..

              Namely Zeus (Sky God), Hades (Earth God), and Posidon (Water God)

              So, let's all pretend that the other gods never came to be, and It is still just them. OKAY?

              and, Please..No heckling me over this like what I had to go through with Samurai Jack, and Aku!
              If this persists, I may just DELETE this artwork, and be done with it.

              Thank you.



My Little Pony © Bonnie Zacherle/:iconfyre-flye:/:iconhasbroplz:

Hercules © Disney

Andy Maxwell Revised by MetroXLR99
Andy Maxwell Revised

 Bio: Originally born to Government Scientists Donald and Barbara Maxwell,
        Andy's life took a serious 'swerve' when his parents were accidently killed on a botched plan by Verminious Snaptrap.

        Orphaned (and, possibly a target by D.O.O.M.) Andy was put under T.U.F.F. Protection.
        assigned to their top agents: Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy.

        At first, Kitty didn't like having Andy around...BUT, the human child eventually grew on the cat,
        and after a severe head trauma incident (In which Andy lost some of his memory) Kitty adopted him as her son.

        During his first year as Andy KATSWELL, Andy befriended Alison Bunny (T.U.F.F. Agent Tammy's Niece),
        played a small part in taking down Commander RedEye, a feline supremist with connections to the Katswell Family
        and encountered his criminal aunt: Katty Katswell.

        In the future (about Thirty Years), Andy will become the first human to join T.U.F.F.
        not to mention marry his friend Alison, and father the first Human/Anthro Hybrid.


 Due in part to :iconblackrobtheruthless: deleting many good artwork of my OC Andy Maxwell/Katswell.
 I decided to take at least ONE of them, and, try and restore it.

 In the end, however..I ended up improving it.
 So, using BlackRob's older character design as a base, I made this.

 For one thing, I made the outlines thicker (his was too thin)
 I also altered the eyes a bit, making them smaller.

 I gave him a differnt shade of brown for his hair, and added more freckles.

 Finally..I gave him a bit of a wardrobe change:

 I altered the "Sonic Shoes", so they look more like Tails (much cuter, in my opinion)
 gave him actual blue jeans similar to Danny Fenton's, and gave him a blue-and-gold shirt
 (which I based on Sly Cooper, a character whom Andy will encounter later in my 'Greatest Mission' story.)

 Once again, I feel I am not breaking any Art Theft rules in posting an altered version
 of fanart of MY CHARACTER that was done by somebody else, and deleted.

 I have "Creative License."


T.U.F.F. Puppy © Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon

Andy Maxwell © :iconmetroxlr99:

Original Artwork by :iconblackrobtheruthless:

Andy Katswell Remnants Collage by MetroXLR99
Andy Katswell Remnants Collage

 I Hope I don't get in trouble for this..

 As I stated in a recent journal entry, a known :iconblackrobtheruthless: USED to be a fan of T.U.F.F. Puppy,
 and, as such USED to be a fan of my fanfiction "The Greatest Mission Ever." (where Kitty Katswell adopted a human child.)

 and, he USED to have fanart based on my fiction posted on his sight..but, he deleted them. ALL of them.

 This is a bitter blow for me, and those who are fans of my story, and my OC Andy Maxwell.

 Fortunately, despite him deleting the artwork..Remnants of them still exist
 in the image search engine of Bing and Google (albeit in low quality thumbnail images.)

 This may not be much, but It is the best we have now.
 so, here is a "Collage" of the Andy katswell Artwork done by ol' Rob.

 and, while I would LOVE to have the original images least I have SOME traces of them left.
 that way, none of them are forgotten.

 I realize this is kind of pushing the whole Art Theft rule on DA (posting somebody else's work without asking permission.)
 but, seeing as how this is art that he deleted..This is akin to "stealing someone's trash."

 Is it REALLY stealing if they already threw it away?

 and, BESIDES. the artwork features MY CHARACTER. I think that entitles me to SOME creative rights. don't it?


T.U.F.F. Puppy © Butch Hartman/nickelodeon

Andy Maxwell/Katswell © :iconmetroxlr99:

Artwork © :iconblackrobtheruthless:

Glimmer O' Hope by MetroXLR99
Glimmer O' Hope

 [EpicCrasher Description]

Name: Glimmer Obscurity Hope

Nicknames: - Glimmer O' Hope 
                    - Hope

Gender: Female

Family: Princess Luna (Mother)

             King Sombra/Luzar (Father)

             Princess Celestia (Aunt)

             Asterne Tomato (Adoptive Mother)

             Screwy Yarn (Adoptive father)

             ??? (husband)

             ??? (Son/Daughter)

             Lionel Cosmos (Descendant)

             Alex Cosmos (Descendant)

Status: Deceased

Bio: Before King Sombra was turned into a shadow by the two Regal sisters. 
       Sombra had been intimate with younger sister: Princess Luna
       causing a pregnacy she gave to a unicorn filly whom she christened: Glimmer Obscurity Hope.

       Luna gave Hope to a simple earth pony farm family in hopes of giving her a normal life

      She got her cutie mark during a winter when her Adopted Mother: Asterne Tomato broke her hind leg
      and lost hope that she would ever heal again. Little Hope gave her hope that the leg would heal again.

Personality: Hope was as her name would imply a person who searches anything positive in even the darkest situation.
                    she's also very ambitious about becoming the best she can become

Other info: -She had a Ethereal mane, but she tied it up because she was ashamed of it

                   -She loved the night and felt a conection with it

                   -She had an alicorn face because of heritage

                   -Her magic was also stronger than normal unicorns due to her heritage

Artist notes: Because I can't think up anything original. I decided to design :iconmetroxlr99:
                     his Lunbra Child in his MLP fanfic: "Beyond Life and Death"

 [MetroXLR99 Description]

This is a unique art piece that :iconepiccrasher: did for me.
in that I never really got around to designing this character myself..I just thought up the character, and let :iconepiccrasher: design it herself.

So, anyway.. Glimmer O'Hope (or, "Glimmering Hope", as I call her sometimes.)
is the "missing link" that connects King Sombra and Alex Cosmos in my MLP story: "Beyond Life and Death."

She was concieved at a time when Sombra hadn't yet turned evil.
BUT, after Grogar corrupted his soul, and twisted his mind..any hopes of Luna having a happy family were shattered.

following Sombra's "defeat", Luna feared for the safety of her child
(knowing full well that she would be hated, even KILLED, for being King Sombra's Daughter.)

So, hard as it was..she secretly went to the furthest reaches of Equul (beyond the borders of Equestria itself)
and, entrusted her one and only child to a simple couple of farm ponies (who always wanted children, but were unable to concieve their own.)

It broke Luna's heart (and, contributed to her fall into Nightmare Moon many years later)
but, in order to preserve her daughter's life..she HAD to say goodbye.

Celestia NEVER learned of the existance of her niece (she would centuries later, though.)

when "Nightmare Moon" was banished to the moon, apart from plotting her revenge against her sister,
she also spent the earliest part of her 1000 year exile watching her daughter as she grew from a filly, to mare.

as :iconepiccrasher: stated, Glimmer was a humble optimist.
she always tried to find the bright side to even the darkest of situations.

to many, she was like a "Star", that shined brightest amongst all others in the night sky.

She never learned of her true origins in her life (though, she would know the truth after death, once she became a spirit.)

There is an old legend that when Glimmer O'Hope died..a frightening wail could be heard from the moon
(of course, Nopony ever learned why. Not even Celestia, who was the only one who knew the truth behind "The Mare in the Moon.")

Many centuries later, during the Ghost Invasion that plunged all of Equul into "Afterdeath"
Glimmer O'Hope's spirit would appear before her descendant, Alex Cosmos, on occasion.

and, just as she did in life..would give the young hero 'hope' to continue on, and save the world from this new evil.

To quote the sagely mare: "A True Hero isn't measured by the size of his strength..but, by the Strength of his HEART."

Later, Glimmer would appear before her mother and aunt for the first time. it remains to be seen how this "reunion" will affect either alicorn.

 TRIVIA: .Her character is 'BLAD' is akin to Mufasa from The Lion King.
                as both characters are dead, but live on in spirit to guide their children.

               .Her "voice actress" is Paige O'Hara.
                who is best known as the voice of Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast'

               .Despite SOME of her descendants turning out to be 'evil' (EX: Lionel Cosmos)
                Glimmer holds no ill will torwards any of them. In Fact..she Pities them for the dark path they follow.

               .The one HOPE that Glimmer has is that one day, Both her parents can be together again.


 My Little Pony © Bonnie Zacherle/:iconfyre-flye:/Hasbro

 Glimmer O'Hope © :iconmetroxlr99: and :iconepiccrasher:



MetroXLR99's Profile Picture
Cody D. Coates
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am an Artist and a Writer.

I am a BIG Fan of Cartoons, Animated Movies
Comic Books (mostly Superheroes) and Video Games.

To list them all would take too long
(although, Sonic The Hedgehog, Batman, The Powerpuff Girls/Dexter's Laboratory
Danny Phantom/Fairly Oddparents, Looney Tunes and Transformers are my personal favorites)

So, let's just say I am a fan of MOST, if not all.

I also don't give a darn what Critics, Fanatics and Trolls think of my work.
I LOVE what I do...and, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

E-Mail Address: Account:…

FIMFiction Account:…

YouTube Account:…

Twitter Account:

Quite some time ago (I forget when) Someone was impressed enough with my Andy Maxwell character
from my T.U.F.F. Puppy story "The Greatest Mission Ever" to give him his own article on the TUFF Puppy Fanon Wiki site.…

Unfortunately, said webpage is in need of some SEVERE updating.

Mainly because a Majority of it's content was based on fanwork by :iconblackrobtheruthless: (he even did a great profile artwork)
but, he has recently lost interest in TUFF Puppy (WTH!?), and performed a mass deletion of his T.U.F.F. Puppy works.

While HE may find it's no big deal, It is a bitter blow to me. as ALOT of the artwork he did were my favorites.
I don't even have any copies..just "scraps" that I find here, and there on the net.

Anyway..Somebody has to update the Andy Katswell wiki article at some point.
not only to fix the "BlackRob Retcon", but also add in the changes that I have made recently (like Alison Bunny, for example.)

Sigh..I guess this is what I get for not updating a good story for Two, or Three Years.


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