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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am an Artist and a Writer.

I am a BIG Fan of Cartoons, Animated Movies
Comic Books (mostly Superheroes) and Video Games.

To list them all would take too long
(although, Sonic The Hedgehog, Batman, The Powerpuff Girls/Dexter's Laboratory
Danny Phantom/Fairly Oddparents, Looney Tunes and Transformers are my personal favorites)

So, let's just say I am a fan of MOST, if not all.

I also don't give a darn what Critics, Fanatics and Trolls think of my work.
I LOVE what I do...and, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Posting this journal to let everyone know that things have cooled down a bit here at home.
So, I should return to work shortly, and things can return to normal.

(so, :iconepiccrasher:, you can talk to me again. I don't like all this radio silence.)

If things get bad again, I'll be sure to inform you all whenever I am able.
but, It seems things are back to normal, now (even the images on DA are working again!!)


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Queen Aleena Animated Icon
An usable, animated avatar/icon of Queen Aleena from Sonic Underground.
featuring rare images of the hedgehog queen in full view (and, NOT cloaked, hidden in shadow, or otherwise obscured.)

a Must Have/Use for any SU, or Queen Aleena fan.


Sonic the Hedgehog © Sega/Archie Comics

Sonic Underground © Sega/DiC
 "I can say without a doubt that there are an infinite number of universes.
  Some are just like our own..but for one or two significant events, exactly the same."


 [Mobodoon, The Royal Palace.]

 In a secluded room, a male adult human with brown hair looked at himself through a mirror.
 he bore an indifferent expression on his face. one that wasn't depression, but neither was It joy.

 as he stared into his own blue eyes..his mind began to wander to an earlier memory.


 Alan Zander stepped into the waiting room of the Mobodoon hospital.
 there, he found a group of mobian hedgehogs already waiting.

 Three were was an adult.

 one of the three was blue, and wore red and white.
 the second was green, and had "spiker" quills than was expected of a hedgehog.
 the last was dark pink with pink hair, and was the only female in the room.

 the adult was light blue, with a bushy mustache.
 oddly, though, he was completely robotic. with glowing red eyes.

 "How is she?" said Alan, sternly.

 Sonia looked at the human. "we don't know. they just took mother in the emergency room, and left us all out here."

 Alan scowled. "how long ago was this??"

 "Nearly half an hour, sonny." replied Uncle Chuck.

 Alan scowled again, then marched off towards the doors. "I'm going In there."

 "They won't let you in." said Manic.

 "Yeah!, they wouldn't even let US in!" added Sonic.

 Alan glanced back at the hedgehogs. "let them just TRY and stop me." With that, Alan burst through the doors, and marched down the long corridor.


 Alan marched down the long hall, a determined look on his face.
 as he neared the emergency room, he was stopped by a mobian doctor.

 "I'm sorry, sir. but you can't come this-"

 "Is Queen Aleena here?!" said Alan in a demanding tone.

 "y-Yes, but you shouldn't-"

 "Like HELL I can't!" growled Alan. "Right now, Ally needs me..and, NOTHING is going to keep me from being there for her."

 the doctor widened his eyes. "you mean..YOUR th-"


 Alan quickly looked into the direction of a familiar sounding scream. "ALEENA!!"

 Alan moved the doctor aside, and ran straight for the doors ahead.
 bursting through..he found a lavender furred, quill-less hedgehog with long purple hair laying upon a bed.

 her waist was large and round, and she was surrounded by doctors and nurses as she breathed harshly.

 "Aleena!" called Alan.

 Aleena looked up, and looked at Alan..then, smiled weakly. "a-alan?"

 one of the doctors looked over at their new visitor. "HEY!, you can't be in her-"

 "I'm afraid he CAN." began the doctor from before, as he entered the room. "Apparently, this overlander is "the father."

 the doctors and nurses all looked stunned. "he is-"

 "GRRRRRAAAARGH!!" exclaimed Aleena, gripping her belly as pain shot through her.

 Alan ran over to his friend and lover's side, a concerned look on his face.

 "Ally..Aleena, I'm here." said Alan, his voice soft.

 Aleena looked up at Alan. her eyes tired, and moist with tears. "ah..I-I much this hurts."

 Alan smiled weakly. "At least your only having ONE, this time. and, not Three."

 Aleena chuckled lightly. "ever the Optimist, aren't you, Al?"

 Alan took Aleena's hand, gripping it tightly. "It's gotten me, and everyone else through the war."

 Aleena smiled..then, suddenly grimaced as she felt another contraction. "GRAAAARGH!!"

 Alan winced painfully as he felt Aleena squeeze his hand tightly.

 "I..I'm sorry, Alan. It's just..the PAIN, It-"

 "I..I know, Ally." said Alan, gritting his teeth. "It's okay."

 Aleena looked at Alan. "m-maybe you should..l-let go of me."

 "no." said Alan. "I should bear this with you. It IS my fault, afterall."

 Aleena swallowed hard as her pain lagged. "th-the blame is as much MINE, a-as It is yours."

 Aleena gritted her teeth as she felt more paining shooting through her.
 Alan then hand her hand with both his hands, gripping hers tightly.

 "I'm here, Aleena. don't worry..I'm here."

 Aleena gasped, and breathed harshly. "this hurts so much."

 "I know, Ally. but, you need to breathe, and keep pushing." said Alan. "our baby is counting on you to bring It into this world."

 Aleena breathed sharply..then, exhaled. "i'll..I'll TRY."

 Aleena began to breathe rapidly, then grunted and groaned as she tried to force her unborn child out of her body.

 she gasped loudly as she tried to catch her breath.

 "I think I see a head." said a doctor.

 Alan looked at him. "how far out?"

 "It's beginning to crown, sir."

 Alan looked at Aleena. "keep going, darling. You're doing It."

 Aleena nodded. her hair and fur slick with sweat, she cried out as she attempted to force her baby out again.


 "It's almost out, your highness." said the doctor. "Just one more push."

 "One more time, Ally." said Alan. "Just ONE MORE TIME!"

 "GRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!" Aleena scream at the top of her lungs as she mustered all her strength.

 exhausted, and lightheaded. Aleena collapsed..but, she was stirred by the shrill sound of an infant crying.

 both Aleena and Alan looked as a nurse took a small, purple lifeform in a blanket.

 "it's a..It's a.." the nurse stuttered.

 "It's a what!?" exclaimed Alan, demanding a straight answer.

 "Tell us, PLEASE!!" pleaded Aleena.

 the nurse smiled warmly. "It's a GIRL."

 Alan stared wide eyed, the nurse's words ringing in his ear. "it's a girl. I..I have a daughter."

 "let me see her." said Aleena, her voice sounding impatient and desperate. "PLEASE!, let me hold her!!"

 "just a minute.." said the nurse, and she took a pair of surgical scissors and snipped off the umbilical cord. "here you are, my queen."

 Aleena took the bundle in her arms, clutching It as if it were diamonds and gold.
 with tears in her eyes, she cradled the bundle in her arms and began to peel the cloth away.

 both Alan and Aleena watched intently as their child's face began to come into view.
 once the blanket was completely off..they gasped in awe at their new baby daughter.

 her face was shaped like a human, she even had brown hair like her father.
 but, she was cover in soft purple fur. had long pointed ears, and a black button nose.

 upon closer inspection..the two parent found that their baby had short quills behind her head as well.

 "she's..She looks beautiful." said Alan, in shock and awe. "no defections. no deformity. she's just..Perfect."

 Aleena smiled as she gently caressed her new baby's soft cheek.

 "fifteen years ago I held babies like her in my arms.." Aleena then frowned. "then, Robotnik forced me to give them all up. and I missed out on their whole lives."

 Aleena then kissed her baby's forehead softly. "NOW..I've gotten back what I lost. I have a baby, again."

 at that moment, the infant hybrid opened her eyes for the first time.

 they were BLUE, like Alan's.

 the baby "Mobilander" began to move around, making distressed noises.

 "Shh-shhhh..there-there. It's okay..mommy's here." cooed Aleena. "don't cry, Tiana. mommy is here..and, so is Daddy."

 Alan choked up at this. "d-daddy.." stuttered Alan, in disbelief.

 Alan finally reached out to his new daughter. Tiana stared up at the "giant" that was her father.
 curious, she then grabbed ahold of Alan's finger. squeezing it with her tiny, furry hands.

 Alan began to well up in tears, the soft touch of the baby almost too much for him to bear.

 "aleena.." began Alan, his voice weak.

 "yes, Alan?"

 Alan swallowed hard, his view never breaking from their baby daughter. "w-when I said I wanted to marry you after the war, and help you raise our child..I meant It.

  but, I need to know your decision."

 Aleena frowned as she stroked Tiana's short hair. "I love you, alan..and, I want nothing more than to marry you.."


 Aleena exhaled sharply. "I cannot step down as Queen..not yet." began Aleena. "I feel that none of my children are of age to assume the throne. my reign is not over yet."

 Alan breathed out sharply. "meaning if I marry you, I will have to become King of Mobodoon."

 Aleena looked at Alan. "I do not wish to force this upon you, Alan. I know how you feel about the burden of leadership.
  If you do not wish to bear the weight of the crown..I will understand."

 Alan scowled. "and, do what??, leave you to raise *our* daughter alone?!"

 Alan looked at baby Tia again..who was now asleep. "I'm sorry, Ally. but I can't do that. If becoming King is the only way we can be together..then, I will accept that responsibility."

 Aleena's eyes wetted as she looked at Alan. "you truly are selfless." Aleena then leaned over, and gave Alan a kiss on his lips. "I love you."

 Alan smiled as he caressed Aleena's cheek. "I love you, too." Alan then looked at their baby daughter. "and, YOU, too."

 ***End of Flashback***

 Alan stared back at his reflection..then, exhaled sharply.

 Today was the day. the Day of not only his wedding to Queen Aleena, but also his own coronation as the new King of Mobodoon.

 so, OBVIOUSLY he was nervous.

 Alan then exhaled sharply as he saw another image in the mirror. "Come to check up on me, I see."

 a green hedgehog teen finally entered the room. Alan turned, and looked at him. "You don't like me very much, do you?"

 "It's nothing personal." said Manic. "but, I don't trust *any* Overlander completely."

 Alan eyed his soon-to-be step-son. "you'll have to, Manic. after today, we'll be family."

 Manic scowled. "Actually..this all gives me MORE reason to keep my eye on you."

 Alan crossed his arms, eyeing the hedgehog. "and, WHY is that??!"

 Manic also crossed his arms. "oh, I don't know..Maybe because you knocked my mother up, and now you're going to become king by marrying her."

 Alan narrowed his eyes, scowling. "that isn't what happened. that ISN'T what this is about."

 "Sure looks that way to me!" snapped Manic, getting hostile. "You "dominated" a mobian queen, NOW you are "conquering" her kingdom!"

 Manic then sneered. "Just what I would expect from the son of Warlord Charlemagne."

 Alan suddenly struck the table loudly. "don't you EVER compare me to that brute. I am nothing like him, NOTHING!"

 Manic scoffed. "keep telling yourself that, Overlander."

 "MANIC!" Manic looked, and saw his sister march in. a stern look on her face. "what do you think you are doing!?"

 "I was jus-"


 the spikey Hedgehog stammered..then, finally huffed and walked out of the room.
 once he was gone, Sonia looked at her soon-to-be step-father with soft eyes. "Are you okay, Alan?"

 Alan didn't answer, he just got up and walked over to a window.
 as he stared out at the Mobodoon cityscape, Sonia approached him. "Alan, don't let what Manic said get to you. he's just..overly cautious. and, he loves our mother VERY much."

 "I'm not like him." said Alan, finally. "I am not my father. I'm not like him."

 Sonia smiled at Alan. "After all you've done for me, and my family during the Robotnik War..I believe you."

 "Manic doesn't." said Alan. "and, what if there are other who think as he does. who believe I don't really love Aleena, and I'm just marrying her for selfish gain."

 Sonia looked down sadly. she then walked over, and stood next to the human. "If they believe that, that is THEIR choice..but, you and I both know that Isn't true."

 "no. it isn't. I love Aleena, and I would marry her even if she were born a street thief, instead of a Princess."

 Sonia chuckled at this. "you mean like SHE did with you?!"

 Alan looked at Sonia..then, also chuckled lightly. "y-yes. I guess so."
 Alan then looked out the window again..and, breathed out softly. "This whole thing seems Unreal."

 "wa-what do you mean??"

 "I mean despite It being over thirty years, I can still remember my childhood clearly.
  I still remember how I grew up on streets like those..having to sneak around, and steal just to stay alive."

 Alan inhaled deeply. "now..I'm going to be KING. It all feels too good to be a dream that I'll awaken from at any moment.

 Sonia looked at Alan. "well..maybe mother was right before. Maybe there IS more to a person's "nobility" than just how you were born."

 Alan lidded his eyes. "for all our sakes, I hope she is right about that. the last thing I want is to bring your mother's kingdom to ruin."

 "How can you even say that!?" exclaimed Sonia. "You kept Robotnik from destroying YOUR citystate for years!, This kingdom will be Safe, and Secure under your rule."

 Alan finally looked at Sonia, his war weary eyes soft. "You really have that much faith in me?"

 Sonia smiled warmly at Alan. "Mother does..and, so do I..Father."

 "I'm not your father yet, Sonia."

 the dark pink hedgehog then took Alan's hand, clutching It. "You'll ALWAYS will be to me."

 Alan stared at the mobian for a moment. then, smiled warmly.
 he then knelt down, and hugged his soon-to-be step-daughter (minding not to get pricked by her quills.)

 "thank you, sonia. that means everything to me."

 Sonia hugged Alan back, smiling. "dad..I'll talk to Manic. maybe I can talk some sense into him."

 "I appreciate that, Sonia. but, Manic will have to make up his mind on his own in the long run."

 "I'm still going to try, dad."

 at that moment, the door knocked. Alan and Sonia then parted as they looked at the door.

 "Who is it?!" called Alan.

 "Argus, sir." replied a male voice. "the Captain of the Guards."

 "come in."

 the door opened, and in walked a yellow furred mobian coyote with an eye patch.

 "Forgive my intrusion, sir. but I have been ordered to inform you that the ceremony is nearly ready to begin."

 Alan nodded. "r-right, I'll get ready."

 "Actually, I'm here to help you with that." said Vargus.

 Vargus snapped his fingers..and, in walked two mobian maids carrying something.
 the two unzipped a plastic coat..revealing a white-and-gold uniform that looked similar to Aleena's gown.

 "Is that what I think It is??" inquired Alan.

 "Not quite, sir." said Vargus. "Obviously the original king's garbs can't fit you..So, THIS was re-tailored for you."

 Alan touched the silk-like cloth, holding up the arm of it.
 he then frowned, feeling indifferent. "so..this is what I am to wear for the rest of my life."

 "While I cannot profess myself, I am assured that It is comfortable." said Vargus.

 "Physically, yes." said Alan. "but, there are other forms of discomfort."

 Sonia touched Alan's hand. " can do this." Alan looked at Sonia..then smiled. "thanks, sweetie."

 Alan finally took the uniform out of the bag. "Guess I'd better put this on, then."

 Vargus nodded. "I'll inform the Queen you will be along shortly." Vargus then left the did the maids, and Sonia herself.

 Alan looked at the royal garbs one more time..then, exhaled softly. "long live the king.."


 In Mobodoon's Royal Chapel, many people were seated among the pews.
 a majority of them were all mobians of varied races, with only a select few being humans.

 Alan stood alone at the alter. dressed in full royal garbs..and, looking quite nervous.
 he looked on at the audience..hundreds of eyes all watching him.

 he sweated a little. finding this event far more stressful than any battlefield.

 but, then his eyes set on the front row..where he saw Sonia holding baby Tiana in her arms.
 he then smiled at his two daughters, feeling his anxiety lifting just a bit.

 a familiar organ music began to play, all eyes fell at the far end of the aisle.

 large doors opened..and, in walked Queen Aleena.
 dressed in her full royal garbs, and holding various colorful flowers in her hand.

 Alan stared at his best friend and love of his life slowly approached.
 she was a vision of loveliness. like a goddess in physical form.

 Aleena the slowly opened her emerald green eyes. looking at Alan softly.
 she the smiled at him..which made Alan (briefly anyway) forget all his worries.

 As Aleena approached the alter, she cast a glance at her children..ALL of them.

 Sonic, he have her a wink and a grin. Manic, who looked troubled, but smiled all the same.
 Sonia, she gave her mother a big smile..and, baby Tiana. who was sleeping in Sonia's arms.

 Aleena smiled, feeling content at her family being here for this happy moment.
 she at last approached the alter, turned and faced Alan.

 "nervous?" said Aleena, noting Alan's expression.

 "It's that obvious?" inquired Alan.

 Aleena chuckled lightly. "Let's just say I've been where you are before.
  On both my corination and first wedding, I was scared out of my wits."

 "Yes, but I remember you telling me that there was a one year time gap between those two events." began Alan. "You never had to get married, and be crowned on the same day."

 Aleena looked at Alan with soft eyes. " need not worry. you may be crowned king on this day, but you won't have to face this burden alone.
  as your wife, and your Queen, I will stand by your side and aide you every step of the way."

 Alan looked at Aleena..then, smiled. "I-I know..Thank you, Ally."

 Aleena's eyes examined Alan from head-to-toe. "You look good in the royal clothes, Alan."

 Alan touched the cloth of his chest. "I hope I will be worthy of them."

 Aleena smiled. "Don't sell yourself so short, Alan. you are MORE than worthy."

 Finally, the priest began to speak.

 "Dearly beloved. we are gathered here in this sacred place to join
  her most gracious majesty Queen Aleena, and Alan Zander, Hero of the Robotnik War in Holy Matrimony.."

 both Aleena and Alan smiled, feeling a mix of emotions as the priest continued to speak.

 "Our Queen has always been diverse, her mind open and never looking down on even the simplest forms of life.
  evident in how even as a young Princess, our Queen befriended this Overlander when he was just a begger in the streets of Mobotropolis.

  even THEN, she saw the inner nobility in the man who would one day protect, and defend her as befitting of any knight."

 Alan grimaced, unsure what to make of the "Arthurian" comparison being made of him.
 Aleena just smiled, giving Alan a loving and forlorn expression.

 "Queen you take Alan Zander to be your husband, and future king?" said the Priest. "to forsake all others, to love and cherish him..until DEATH do you part?"

 "I do." said Aleena.

 the Priest turn his attention to Alan.

 "Alan you accept Queen Aleena's hand in marriage?
  do you solemnly swear to love and cherish our queen, to stay faithful to her alone.

  and, most of all..will you accept her crown, and share in rulership of the kingdom?
  do you SWEAR to serve Mobodoon, and It's people. to protect her with the same courage and passion as you have your own people during the old war?"

 Alan looked into Aleena's eyes..then, smiled. "I swear. with my dying breath..I WILL."

 "If anyone feels our Queen, and this Overlander should NOT be wed. let them speak up now..or, forever hold their peace."

 Manic fidgeted, feeling the urge to air his grievances.
 BUT, a dark look from Sonia compelled him to hold his tongue..and, NOT ruin their mother's day.

 the Priest continued. " the power of the Source of All, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. (looks to Alan) you may kiss her majesty."

 Alan finally knelt down on one knee so he was level with his "short" mobian wife.
 he gently caressed Aleena's face..who smiled contently as she held his hand in place.

 "we've kissed before.." began Alan.

 "but, this is THE kiss." said Aleena.

 Alan smiled, a tear in his eye. "I've dreamt of this moment for so long."

 Aleena smiled as she looked into his eyes deeply. "as have I." whispered Aleena.

 Alan finally leaned over..and, softly kissed Aleena on her lips.
 Aleena wrapped her arms around Alan's head and neck, keeping their lips locked.

 the audience began to clap until the room filled with loud applause.

 Once Aleena and Alan finally parted..they smiled at one another.

 "that was the best kiss ever." said Alan.

 "I know." replied Aleena. "I'll treasure It always."

 At that moment, a figure walked behind Alan, and draped a long, golden cape like Aleena's around Alan's neck.

 the human glanced over, and watched as Vargus began to walk up..holding a purple cushion where a golden, jeweled crown similar to Aleena's rested.

 Alan knew It was the King's Crown. formerly worn by Aleena's late husband, Maurice,
 as well as her own father, King Maverick, and her grandfather, King Excalibur.

 Alan finally turn back to Aleena..who looked at him with affection.
 he stood still as the priest took the crown in hand, and stood before the kneeling human.

 as he lifted the sacred relic up over his head,
 and exclaimed loudly so everyone could hear. "LONG LIVE KING ALAN ZANDER OF MOBODOON!!"

 the priest placed the crown upon Alan's head.
 It was light, barely any weight to it..but for Alan, It felt like It weighed a ton.

 his face was frozen in shock, stunned at the Power and Responsibility that was now his.

 Aleena then touched his shoulders. "Rise, my king. Rise, and address your people..OUR people."

 Shaky, Alan finally rose back up onto his feet. Aleena then handed Alan a golden, jeweled scepter.
 he took the relic..and, both King and Queen held it in their hands.

 turning to the audience, Aleena raised the scepter, AND Alan's hand, up into the air.

 "All hail King Alan Zander and Queen Aleena Hedgehog!!" exclaimed Vargus, compelling everyone to applaud.


 Suddenly, the main doors of the chapel were blown apart by an explosion.
 many people screamed, while most were shocked, scared and confused.

 "WHAT ON MOBIUS!!?" exclaimed Aleena, rattled.

 from the cloud of dust rushed a squad of humans in commando gear, and armed with guns.
 what little palace guards that were present were quickly overpowered, and before anyone knew it..the chapel was taken hostage by the invaders.

 "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!!?" exclaimed Alan, angrily.

 "oh, come now, Alan.." began a male voice.

 Alan and Aleena looked at a single man entered the chapel.
 the commandos stood up straight, and saluted at the blonde man walked in. his hands behind his back.

 "..can't a father be present at his only son's wedding?" finished the man, as he stopped short just a few feet away from the alter.

 Alan scowled darkly. "charlemagne.." growled Alan.

 "that's *LORD* Charlemagne." corrected older human male.

 "Don't you mean "WARlord??!" said Alan, bitterly

 Charlemagne just smirked and chuckled. "Details."

 Aleena finally narrowed her eyes, and stepped forward. "I don't care if you ARE Alan's father, You are NOT welcome here in OUR Kingdom!!"

 Charlemagne just chortled at this. "Our" Kingdom INDEED, rodent." said Charlemagne.

 "What do you mean by THAT?!" demanded Alan.

 Charlemagne grinned. "I mean that as you are the new King of this Mobian Kingdom,
  I technically have just as much right to It as the Queen herself. you know..BLOODLINES, and all that."

 the priest then rapidly flipped through the pages of an old book. "sonuva gun, he's RIGHT."

 "WHAT!?" exclaimed Alan, mildly outraged.

 "You married into the royal family, milord." began the Priest. "That makes your OWN family royalty by default."

 Alan looked dumbfounded. "That's can't be right."

 Aleena, who was equally shocked, exhaled sharply. "I am afraid It IS true, Alan." began Aleena.

 "even Sir Charles, Jules and his wife Bernie are technically "royalty"
  due to Maurice prior marriage to me..It's THE LAW."

 Charlemagne chuckled sinisterly. "This is so much easier than *last time* I took over a Mobian Kingdom. Who knew that all It took was marrying you off to a royal furry, heh-heh-heh.."

 "HEY, BLONDIE!!" Charlemagne looked, and saw a blue hedgehog speeding towards him. "You want mom's kingdom!?, YOU'LL HAFTA GO THROUGH ME TO-!!"

 Charlemagne then casually drew at a gun, and fired at the charging Sonic.
 the hedgehog was hit by the energy shot, which trapped him in a field that forced him against the ground HARD.

 "SONIC!!" exclaimed Aleena, frightened.

 Sonic struggled to rise..but, he felt like Robotnik himself was using him as a cushion.

 "Gravity Gun." said Charlemagne, holding up his weapon proudly. "Dug It up in Kintobor's old files. One of many weapons designed to use against YOU, Speedster."

 Sonic growled angrily at the human. "How fitting for you to KNEEL before your true master, Rodent."

 "THAT'S ENOUGH!!" exclaimed Vargus, as he drew out a sword. "Law or NO LAW, I will personally *escort* you out of-"

 "NO, Vargus!"

 Vargus looked as Alan approached him. "What!?"

 "Stand down, Captain..This is *MY* fight."

 Vargus was flabbergasted. "B-But, your highness, I-"

 "Vargus, It is the duty of the King to protect his kingdom, and It's people. I will deal with Charlemagne MYSELF."

 "But, my liege. It is *MY* duty to protect the King and Queen." protested Vargus.

 "then, protect my wife. and, let ME do MY duty!"

 As Alan marched over to his father, Vargus reluctantly ran to Aleena's side.
 all eyes (especially Aleena's) fell on the two humans as they met face-to-face.

 "It's over, son. Mobodoon belongs to ME. and, I have many plans for-"

 "Check AGAIN, "Dad." It isn't YOU whose wearing the king's crown." retorted Alan.

 "Which is why I was hoping to talk some sense into you, boy."

 Alan nearly chuckled at this. "YOU?!, talk sense into ME!? You're either insane, or a complete idiot."

 "Just hear me out..PLEASE."

 Alan eyed his father..then, huffed sharply. "You have five minutes to start making sense."

 "Remember during the final days of the Robotnik War?, how after you found me, you had me imprisoned.
  I explained to you the motivation behind my past actions. How everything I did..I did for OUR people's survival.

  People talk of the Great War as if I had a personal vendetta against the furries.
  In truth, all I wanted was the POWER RINGS that were forged by Nate Morgan in Mobotropolis.
  so to resolve the energy crisis that was already tearing down the once great city of Megaopolis.

  the animals just got in the way."

 Alan scowled at Charlemagne. "So, basically my mother was murdered in the Mobotropolis Riots SIMPLY because you wanted to literally grab power."

 Charlemagne gave Alan a somber expression. "I didn't want that to happen. you KNOW that."

 "Get to your point, Charlemagne. because so far, I haven't heard anything from you but an old excuse."

 "Don't you realize what we can do for our people now!?" said Charlemagne, balling a fist.

 "As king, you have TOTAL legitimate control over this kingdom, and It's unique energy sources.
  the substance that those transforming "medallions" are made from. the energy they produce is nearly EQUAL to that of the Power Rings."

 "No surpise there." said Alan. "the raw substances from which the Rings and Medallions are forged come from a similar ore."

 "YES!" exclaimed Charlemagne. "Just imagine the possibilities!! the energy we could produce, the weapons we could create-"

 "Which is why you're not getting ANY of It." said Alan, sternly. "I won't have the Kingdom of Mobodoon be responsible for the deaths of millions."

 "Alan, I don't think you quite understan-"

 "Oh, I understand things perfectly." began Alan.

 "You claim to be a guardian, but you are really a Warlord.
  you don't want energy to power just want fuel for your Guns and Bombs.

  you are a Warmonger..a Harbinger of DEATH. Mother left you to ESCAPE from that!
  and, she ended up getting killed as a result of your destructive ambitions."

 Alan finally grabbed his father by his chest piece, bringing him CLOSER to his face.

 "I am the KING of Mobodoon..and, I won't be your pawn.
  you may be part of the royal family now, but I say that you are BANISHED from this realm."

 Alan then tossed Charlemagne away. as the middle-aged man looked up, Alan stared him down.

 "Do the smart think, dad..Get up, and walk away. This is my FINAL warning."

 Charlemagne indeed rose up to his feet..but, he didn't turn away.
 instead, he glared at his son with rage. "I will NOT be denied!!"

 Charlemagne charged after Alan..who just sighed in disappointment.
 he then shot his eyes open, and as the jewels in his crown began to glow..he outstretched his hand, catching his father in an energy field.

 "WHAT TH-!?" Charlemagne was flabbergasted as he remained frozen in mid-motion.

 "Fun fact: my wife ISN'T a sorceress like many people believe." began Alan. "she gets all her special powers from the mystic jewel in her crown."

 Alan smiled. "and, given that my new crown ALSO has mystic jewels..So do I."

 Charlemagne' troops then all advanced towards Alan.
 Alan then outstretched his other hand..trapping them all in a similar energy field.

 "Six jewels. Quadruple the power." said Alan. "I warned you to walk away..Now, you leave me no choice."

 "ALAN." Aleena approached her husband. "You aren't going to-"

 "No. I won't kill him..He's a killer and a monster, but he's STILL my father." said Alan.

 "Then what ARE you going to do with us??!" inquired Charlemagne, half-concerned.

 Alan grinned. "You aren't the only one whose looked at Robotnik's old notes. I am sure you know all about "The Zone of Silence", AKA "The Void."

 "You're BLUFFING!, even you don't have the power to send us all to another dimension!!"

 "I've seen the time/spacial coordinates to the Void, and I also have a photographic memory.
  and, don't forget that *MY* crown offers me more power than Aleena's."

 Charlemagne grew pale, realizing that Alan was speaking truthful. "wait-YOU CAN't DO THIS!!"

 "goodbye, father." said Alan, somberly. "may your exile in the Void finally help you see the error in your past actions."


 in a flash, Charlemagne and his Troops all disappeared.
 no doubt having been sent to Robotnik's former inter-dimensional prison as Alan had just stated.

 Alan just stood still. as if contemplating.
 Aleena then took his hand softly, and looked at him. "I'm sorry."

 "don't be." said Aleena. "You did what you had to do to protect the kingdom."

 "yeah.." began Sonic (finally free of the Gravity Gun's effects.) "Let's all hear It for King Alan."

 "HAIL KING ALAN!!" exclaimed the crowd. "LONG LIVE THE KING!!!"

 Alan looked at all the cheering Mobians. not one (sans for Manic) showed him any disdain and distrust.
 they all were showing the same amount of Love, and Admiration that they do for Queen Aleena herself.

 he finally smiled, feeling the weight of the crown not being so heavy anymore.

 "vargus." began Alan, softly.

 the mobian coyote approached. "y-Yes, sire?"

 "I want to know just HOW my father got a whole milicia into the city,
  much less the Palace Grounds, WITHOUT being detected.

  I want you to uncover how he got in..and, make sure It NEVER happens again."

 Vargus did a salute. "At once, my king. I swear, I will find any breach in security, and SEAL IT."

 "I have no doubt that you will." said Alan.

 as Vargus left, Aleena looked up at Alan. "well..Now what?"

 Alan looked at Aleena, and smiled. "we still have a wedding to finish. Charlemagne hasn't ruined It YET."

 Aleena smiled, and nodded. "of course."

 gripping her bouquet, Aleena turned her back to the crowd and readied to toss It.
 needless to say, MANY young women clamored about, ready to catch It.

 Aleena tossed the bouquet. it flew right over the grouped women..and, into Sonia's lap.

 "What th-!?"

 "(whistle) talk about an misfire." said Manic.

 Sonia lightly slapped her brother with the flowers. "shut up."

 even Aleena had to chuckle at this. "well..I guess we know whose getting married next. You'd better give that Thoredyke boy a call, hon."

 "MOTHER!!" exclaimed Sonia, her face bright red in embarrassment.

 "Oh, calm down, dear. I was only kidding."

 Alan smiled as he approached Sonia. he then took baby Tiana, and held her close to him.

 "she's so tiny." said Alan.

 "and, so full of life." said Aleena.

 Alan smiled warmly as he gently caressed his infant daughter's furry cheek.

 "I swear that I'll be the best King, the best husband and the best FATHER that I can be."

 both Aleena and Sonia touched Alan affectionately. "you already ARE."

All Hail the King

For all intents and purposes, this is pretty much an *Alternate Ending*
to my main Sonicverse story: "Sonic Universe: Alan and Aleena."

In my main story, I envisioned an ending,
where Queen Aleena passed her crown on to Manic, and steps down as Queen.

she relinquishes her royal title in favor of living the simple life of a civilian.
married to Alan Zander, and living in Station Square with Sonia and her newborn "Tiana."

But, no stranger to alternate timelines, and "the path untaken.."
I began to wonder..What if Aleena DIDN'T step off the throne?

What if she married Alan, but still remained Queen.
how different would the storyline be??

This short short details just how different. mainly that in this version of my sonic universe,
Alan ends up as the new King of Mobodoon from his marriage to Queen Aleena.

and, that his wedding to her is ALSO his coronation.

Alan's overall character here is "humble."
he loves Aleena, but isn't sure he is worthy of the King's Crown.

even during the Robotnik War, he didn't want to be leader of the United Federation Freedom Fighters
(he only became their leader when he was "elected" by his own troops by popular vote.)

he still sees himself as what he was as a child: "a poor street begger"
and, worries that he doesn't belong in a palace, and on a throne as King.

Of course, those fears are brushed aside from encouraging words from both Aleena and Sonia.
as well as the arrival of Charlemagne to spring the new King Alan into action.

Having established the obscure character archie comic Charlemagne as Alan's father once before,
I wanted to make this fact more known in written form in this story,
with Charlemagne trying to exploit a "royal law" in order to grab power.

(I intended for a long, almost "Injustice" like fight scene between them.
 BUT, I settled for a vocal debate, and Alan magically sending his father away.)

Some elements of this story (such as Tiana's birth) are canon with my main continuity.
while most elements here are not.

I may revisit this version of my Sonicverse at another time.
perhaps even with my Alan Zander encountering his "King Alan" counterpart in a different storyline.

COINCIDENTALLY, I completed this around the same time
that :iconepiccrasher: posted this artwork: Hope And Promises The Coronation Of Queen Aleena by EpicCrasher

NOTE: Cover Art is Pending, and NOT Finalized.


Sonic the Hedgehog © Sega/Archie Comics




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