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I am an Artist and a Writer.

I am a BIG Fan of Cartoons, Animated Movies
Comic Books (mostly Superheroes) and Video Games.

To list them all would take too long
(although, Sonic The Hedgehog, Batman, The Powerpuff Girls/Dexter's Laboratory
Danny Phantom/Fairly Oddparents, Looney Tunes and Transformers are my personal favorites)

So, let's just say I am a fan of MOST, if not all.

I also don't give a darn what Critics, Fanatics and Trolls think of my work.
I LOVE what I do...and, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Zootopia Title by MetroXLR99

While I wait for Disney's Zootopia to officially open,
I thought I should go ahead and do something fun, and creative.

Today, I am going to test your detective skills
with my own deduction board on WHO the main villain of Zootopia really is.

the storyline of Zootopia, is that random anthros are inexplicably going feral,
and creating civic unrest within the animal metropolis.

So, the question is..WHO is behind this epidemic!?
who is the prime nemesis of Officer Judy Hopps, and Nick Wilde?!

Here are my probable suspects.

Suspect 01. "Mayor Lionheart"

Leodore Lionheart is a Lion, and the Mayor of Zootopia.
he is a typical politician, who cares about his public image.

[Why He's a Suspect]

As a politician, he is lible to do anything
to get a high approval rating so he'll be re-elected.

Even stage a city-wide scare, and "fixing" It himself.
thus making him out to look like a hero.

[Reasonable Doubt]

Lionheart himself coined the phrase: "In Zootopia - Anyone can be ANYTHING."
and, as such inspired diversity to many citizens.

So, It doesn't make sense to work so hard to keep animals together
just to go, and tear them apart.

Suspect 02. "Assistant Mayor Bellwether"

Bellwether is a sheep, and the assistant mayor to Mayor Lionheart.
she is a friend of Judy, and was the most supportive of her desires.

[Why She's a Suspect]

As a "Prey" animal, Bellwether is abused as much as Judy is.
in fact, she's become no-less Lionheart's secretary!

such resentment and pent up frustration COULD motivate her
to created a feral epidemic to make predator species seem dangerous.

This would benefit her in the long run.

[Reasonable Doubt]

Like Judy, Bellwether is victimized for being a "harmless" prey species.
as such, she may very well be just another victim of prejudice like Judy.

She may be no more a villain than Judy is.

Suspect 03. Chief Bogo

Chief Bogo is a Water Buffalo, and the chief of Police at the ZPD.
He has a bad attitude, and doesn't like other people very much.

[Why He's a Suspect.]

When Animals went "missing", the police hadn't been making much progress in finding them.
and, when Judy attempted to help, Bogo tried to fire her.

he then gave her an impossible task, hoping she would fail
and, lose her job as a result of It.

It's possible Bogo is hiding something, and was afraid Judy would find him out.

[Reasonable Doubt]

It's quite possible that Chief Bogo is really just a "speciest"
arrogant enough to think that only Rhinos and Elephants make good cops,
and, that a "bunny rabbit" like Judy isn't capable of doing the job right.

This Pride and Arrogance is costing him greatly.

Suspect 04. Mr. Big

"Mr. Big" is an arctic shrew, and the top crime boss in Tundra Town.
he tends to have his Polar Bear Bodyguards "ice" people who doesn't like.

[Why He's a Suspect]

as the head of organized crime, he is the most likely suspect
for the disappearance, and strange behavior of various animals in the city.

[Reasonable Doubt]

Despite being a criminal, Mr. Big is still a businessman with a sense of honor.
he has very little to gain at turning "his" city upside down.

Those are all my villain suspects for Zootopia.
have fun guessing "Hoodunnit" why we all wait for the answer.

(and, to those who have already read
the Junior Novelization that reveals the villain..PLEASE, No Spoilers)


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What's "Road Rovers?"
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Thankfully, all episodes can be found on YouTube.

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