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Cody D. Coates
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I am an Artist and a Writer.

I am a BIG Fan of Cartoons, Animated Movies
Comic Books (mostly Superheroes) and Video Games.

To list them all would take too long
(although, Sonic The Hedgehog, Batman, The Powerpuff Girls/Dexter's Laboratory
Danny Phantom/Fairly Oddparents, Looney Tunes and Transformers are my personal favorites)

So, let's just say I am a fan of MOST, if not all.

I also don't give a darn what Critics, Fanatics and Trolls think of my work.
I LOVE what I do...and, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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 After giving it some thought, I have made some serious decisions regarding my Legend of Korra fictions.

 for the sake of "parallel universes", I have decided to write my own variation of the LoK show.
 with certain stories being alternate versions of the Books/Seasons.

 (what makes them "alternate" is the existance of Takka, Korra's best friend and love interest.)

 Here are a brief description of the four books of Korra, and what I am to do with them.



 as the first season, THIS was the "book" that introduced us to Korra
 and, the new Avatar world that she lives is (mainly Republic City.)

 the main antagonists of this season is Amon, and his Equalists.
 a faction of anti-bender terrorists who are pretty much Chi-Blocking Ninjas.

 my story "Forces of Nature" takes place midway through Book One.
 and, the extended first half of the story (which I am currently writing)
 will detail all this BEFORE we get to the crossover chaos of Trigon, Helix and Godzilla.

 what differs MY Book One from the canon version is Takka.
 an original character who in this universe was Korra's best friend since childhood.
 (they were born on the same day, and were best friends since they were three years old
  until Korra was taken away to train under the White Lotus Society when she turned four.

  Takka was ALSO moved to another location at four when it was discovered that his father was abusing him
  and, he went to live with his Aunt Rose and Uncle Dante in the Fire Nation.)

 the major event of this story is Korra and Takka reuniting after thirteen years of separation
 and, while trying to mend their friendship (a friendship that I will revisit via Flashbacks)
 they will slowly start to realize that they are MORE than just friends now.

 Meanwhile, Takka's status as a non-bender whose built technology that can "mimic" bending
 has caught the attention of Amon, who wants Takka to join him as a high ranking equalist.

 to push Takka into his way of thinking, he worked behind the scenes to bring Takka's father, Karnac back into his life.
  hoping that if Takka is reminded of his abuse at the hands of a bender..he will see things HIS way.

 However, the only organization that Takka wishes to be part of is Future Industries.
 in which he hopes that his technology can be contributed, and he can finally make a difference in people's lives.

 he is also against the "Anti-Bender Revolution" (denoting them as racist, and prejudicial extremists. or, "Terrorists")
 and, starts working on creating "Chi-Blockerproof Vests and Uniforms" for the Police Force to even the odds.



The second season saw Korra returning to her homeland of the Water Tribe
 (bringing along her new friend of Republic City with her)
 and, being caught in the middle of a "civil war" between the Southern and Northern Water Tribes
 (as well as the more personal war between her father, and her uncle on both sides.)

 but, there is MORE going on than just a mere civil dispute.
 and, Korra (despite mastering all four elements by now) must again become a student
 when the Spirit World and Mortal World start to clash as the "Harmonic Convergence" befalls the world after 10,000 Years.

 For MY version of Book Two, it is pretty much the same thing..but, something NEW is added.

 Now that Korra and Takka are officially a couple, they are more than eager to be there for the other.
 HOWEVER, Korra's status as The Avatar may very well drive a wedge between the two lovers
 as Korra's responsibilities and priorities continue to shift between The World, and her Loved Ones.

 Following Takka regaining his memories (thanks to Helix and Shade repairing them) after Abraxus twisted them.
 Takka is experienceing an unexpected (and, devastating) side effect from his mental recovery.

 Takka is beginning to relive once repressed memories of torture and abuse from his father, Karnac
 (who hasn't been seen since the Godai Incident and, has since been presumed "dead.")
 and, the renued trauma is causing Takka to experiene a severe case of "Post-Traumatic Stress."

 he can't sleep due to extreme nightmares that result in panic and anxeity attacks
 (and, as such has been spending his nights tinkering to relieve stress.)

 When Korra is called to the Water Tribe to quell the budding Civil War, Takka is reluctant to join her.
 BUT, due to a promise that they both made to never be apart, Takka ignore his fears
 and returns home to the Southern Water Tribe for the first time in thirteen years..

 ..but, despite being reunited were good friends, Takka's worst fears are realized
 when an attempt to overcome his fear with exposure by venturing to his father's abandoned house
 results in an anxeity attack that's so strong, that he slips into unconsciencness.

 Learning of Takka's problem, Korra is adamant to return Takka to Republic City.
 BUT, Korra's duty to maintain peace between the warring water tribes waylays this plan.

 Korra reluctantly leaves Takka in the care of Katara and her parents
 while she goes to the Northern Water Tribe, and tried to reason with their chief.

 unfortunately, though. Takka's condition only worsens as the barrier between the Mortal and Spirit World breaks
 and, Takka is haunted by a dark, shadowy spirit who resembles his father
 who is drawn to Takka's fear, guilt and self-loathing.



 Following the Harmonic Convergence (and, Korra's controversal decision to leave the Spirit Portal OPEN.)
 the ability to Airbend has resurfaced in many non-benders. granting hope for the survival of the Air Nomad Nation.

 However, while Korra searches the Earth Kingdom for airbenders..a new threat makes itself know.

 The Red Lotus (a spliter group of the White Lotus) escape from their respected prisons
 and, begin their mad campeign to overthrow all the world goverments, and destroy the Avatar Spirit for good.

 Again, nothing much is changing for my version of Book Three.
 only that Takka is one of the non-benders who now has the power to airbend.

 It doesn't take much to convince Takka to commit himself to the Air Nomad Nation
 (afterwhich he donates his "bending armor" to Asami Sato, as he no longer needs them anymore.)
 and, as a result..develops a new close bond to Tenzin, and fellow student Jinora.

 but, when the Red Lotus start to target Korra..Takka is prevented from doing much to help his girlfriend
 when Karnac (the REAL Karnac) suddenly returns with the intent of killing Takka once and for all.

 but, Karnac is no longer the "man" that Takka remembers.
 his apparent survival after the Godai Incident has changes Karnac into a water elemental himself.

 now a true monster, Karnac is out for blood..and, only Takka's training as a Airbender can save him.



The final season of LoK sees Korra at her weakest following her mercury poisoning.

 Three Years have gone by, and Korra has went into self exile in order to recover
 leaving the rest of "Team Avatar" to move on with their lives without her..

 ..but, Korra's absense has left open a new threat to the world
 when a former captain of the guard, Kuvira, siezed control of the Earth Kingdom from King Wu
 and, remakes the Earth Kingdom into an "Earth Empire"..and, sets her sights for "illegal settlement" Republic City.

 Obviously my version of Book Four will have the most deviation from canon (sorry, Korrasami fans.)

 in my version of Book Four, Korra and Takka's relationship is tested.
 with Korra's three year withdraw from public life putting a strain on it.

 as far as Takka's story goes, he has by now become a full fledged Airbender (earning his tattoos and everything.)
 but, despite conquering his father and earning a place in the air temple..Takka feels empty without Korra.

 But, when Kuvira starts playing "Fire Lord Sozin", Takka finally leaves the air temple to go find Korra.

 when they DO find each other, however..their reunion isn't as warm as their last one three years ago.

 Takka is quite upset that Korra up and left without even saying good-bye.
 and, sums it up as Korra "breaking her promise" to never leave him alone again.

 Korra argues that her exile was neccesary..she couldn't trust herself, and HAD to leave to protect everyone.
 and, that due to Takka having duties at the Air Temple, she had no right to force Takka
 to choose between herself, and his new responsibilities as a promising Air Monk.

 (Takka counter-argues that it should have beem his choice to make.
  and, further argues that Korra did something similar at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, anyway.)

 But, Takka finally wins the arguement by stating that Korra has been gone TOO LONG.
 as her absense has threatened a new "One-Hundred Year War" to start all over again with Kuvira, and her Earth Empire
 (a point that is backed up by Toph, who acknowledged the parallel having lived through the last war with the Fire Nation.)

 Seeing that she is repeating Aang's greatest failure, Korra agrees to return to stop Kuvira.

 throughout this new mission, Korra and Takka frequently clash
 due to Takka still feeling hurt over Korra's abandoning him, and, Korra still trying to justify said actions..

 ..but, in time. Korra and Takka make amends, and forgive each another.
 their bond reached it's strongest, and Korra eventually becomes pregnant by Takka.

 Unlike the canon Book Four, this story won't end with Korra and Takka going into the spirit portal.
 I will write an additional epilogue sequence in the spirit world that wraps up certain things.

 mainly, Takka making peace with his deceased, and now broken father
 and, at last letting go of his pain with the birth of his and Korra's children (Yeah. TWINS.)

 Apart from Takka, Asami Sato's life will also be "altered" and changed.

 following Takka donating his bending armor to Future Industries after receiving his airbending three years ago,
 Asami has made good on her vow to not misuse it, and ensure the armor's original purpose remains intact.

 she only releases the "gauntlets" to the open market. but, keeps the full armor for her own personal use
 (said use being donning the armor, and acting as Republic City's peacekeeper.)

 Sometimes Asami bring Takka in for advice and assistance on new tech.

 by now, a movie has been made based on Asami exploits as "The Iron Bender" (parody of "Iron Man")
 but, Asami doesn't like the film very much, as it deliberately got certain details wrong

 (in the movie, it was "Asami" who created the first armor using boxes of scraps
  while held prisoner in a cave by The Equalists, and use dit to escape.

  no such thing ever happened. a fact that Asami keeps pointing out
  but, when questioning the director, he could only argue: "Creative License.")


 This is all a pretty good plan for me (and, one that I hope to get finished in time.)
 but, sadly I've fallen behind on many episodes of LoK, and will need to catch up before I can even START on most of these


 but, I learned enough of the basics of the Books to start this premise.

 so, this is all on the table.

 I will also do some other, stand-alone stories that aren't adaptions
 (one example is Korra's parenthood, and even one detailing how she'll ultimately die.)


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                                 The Legend of Korra, Forces of Nature
                                 Chapter One: The End is the Beginning

Republic City.

Seventy Years ago, Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai
and, finally put an end to the Hundred-Year-War that ravaged the Four Nations.

he and Fire Lord Zuko founded the United Republic. with Republic City being this new "Fifth Nation's" capital."

they envisioned that it would bring the Four Nations together.
that it would usher a new era of LOVE and PEACE, where everyone could live in Harmony."

but, like all "utopias" was far from perfect.".

some Benders used their gifts to terrorize non-benders.
and, some Non-Benders grew to HATE them..which gave rise to Amon, and his "Equalists."

but, none of them expected THIS to one did.

a dark shadow loomed over the bayside metropolis of Republic City.
all the people, both Benders and Non-Benders alike, fled in terror of the massive metallic airship that hovered above them.

usually "Metal Ships" were a sign of safety. as the 'Metalbending Police' used blimps to patrol the city.

but, THIS ship wasn't a Metalbender ship: it was an Invader.
an Invader who was already unleashing an Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction and Death.

The oceans in Yue Bay began to rock, and shift violently.

the very ground in which the city stood was shaking uncontrollably.

and, the skies were glowing as if set ablaze.

It was as if the Entire World was going MAD.

and, in the midst of this chaos..only One Thing was on everyone's minds.



[Somewhere In Republic City]

a Dark Skinned girl with two Caucasian males furiously fought of dozens of men clad in Red medieval styled armor.

one male levitated boulders, and summoned structures of stone from the very ground.

the other male shot fireballs, and Lightning bolts from his forearms and feet.

while the girl whipped streams of water at her attackers (but, also used the same abilities as her comrades.)

"Grrr!, i'm not sure (Grunt) how much longer (Gahh!), I can t-take this!" exclaimed Bolin

"Keep Fight, Bolin!" ordered Korra. "we have to give Master Tenzin time to reach Commander Bei Fong.

maybe with Lin and the other Metalbenders free, we'll have a chance."


"Korra's RIGHT, bol." said Mako, as he fought, "we make our stand HERE. otherwise, ALOT of people are gonna die."

the three Pre-Adult Teens fought HARDER than ever. neither one backing down, despite their obvious fatigue.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. it shook so much, that all the combatants fell to the ground.
as the shaking became more violent...the earth ruptured, tearing like paper.

a deep chasm quickly formed in the street, which only seem to get Wider.

then (to everyone's horror) a massive, clawed hand emerged from the ground.
it pounded, and clawed into the earth. burrowing DEEP into the ground with it's claws.

Korra, Bolin and Mako stared with wide eyes as a colossal creature emerged.

as it climbed out of the ground with a blaring roar.
everyone saw that it's body was "living stone", and resembled that of a Humanoid Turtle with spikes on it's shell.

the Earth Creature stood upright, growling. it then formed a fist and pounded HARD into the ground.

everyone was knocked several feet through the air from the shockwave.
the very ground cracked under pressure, even breaking apart and moving with each blow.

Korra quickly recovered and grabbed her two friends.


the Earth Creature glared at the three.
sharp stone spikes then formed on it's forearm, and quickly shot them like bullets.


Korra quickly turned, and TRIED to use her Earthbending
against the tree trunk-sized stone spikes that were flying towards her.

but, they were Waaay too big. though she deflected some, others impacted the ground near her.

the Avatar was flung back by the shockwave. her body skidded across the ground like a ragdoll.


Mako quickly ran to his friend, and helped her up.
Korra groaned in pain, noticing that her arm had thin streaks of blood.


Mako picked Korra up, and ran with Bolin. they all watched as the Earth Creature roared loudly at the sky.
it then clawed at the ground and burrowed into it. though, Mako, Korra and Bolin kept running..FAR away from the area.

they soon stopped at an alley and hid there.
Mako put Korra down, who immediately gripped her arm.

"damn it!, must of got hit by shrapnel." growled Korra

"you need any help?" asked Bolin

"no-no..i got this."

Korra gritted her teeth as balled her hand into a fist. sharp pain shot through her like lightning
as the bits, and pieces of bloody stone slowly emerged from her wound, and dropped to the ground.

Korra exhaled sharply, feeling some relief.

then...Bolin heard something. " two hear something?"

Korra and Mako listened. they heard a faint rumbling sound.

"is it..another earthquake?"

Korra listened for awhile. then..she widened her eyes in horror. "oh, no.." whispered Korra. "Get to Higher Ground, NOW!"


"DO IT, NOW!" shouted Korra

Mako and Bolin quickly got into a ladder, and climbed up it.
as Korra gripped the metal bars, she looked..and, saw Rushing Water coming.

the violent waves washed into the alley. unfortunately, the current was so strong that it swept Korra away.

"KORRAAAAAA!" exclaimed Mako, horrified

Korra disappeared into the flood water. the two boys stared in shock, stunned at what they saw.
then, all of a sudden..Korra burst out of the water. she gripped at the ladder tightly, gritting her teeth.

the boys were relieved. Korra looked up at them. "CLIMB UP!!"

Mako and Bolin immediately started to climb up. Korra breathed heavily, then proceeded to climb up herself.
the three soon made it to the high up rooftop. the two boys then helped Korra up..who collapsed onto the floor.

Korra chest rose and fall rapidly as she tried to breath.

"oh, thank goodness!" exhaled Bolin "we thought you were a goner."

Korra looked up at her friends..then, smiled weakly.

"you (pant, huff) forget, Bol." began Korra "i'm a..W-Water Tribe girl FIRST. and, the (puff, groan) the Avatar..Second."

Korra finally sat up, groaning as she did. both she, Mako and Bolin looked on..and, nearly gasped at what they saw.

the entire neighborhood where they were at was flooded.
they couldn't even see the street, due to it being submerged into the ocean.

then, they saw something truly frightening. a HUGE serpent emerged from the water (revealed to be "water" itself.)

the Water Monster unleashed a bloodcurdling screech.
then, shot a powerful jetstream of water at some building, crumbling them.

Korra, Mako and Bolin were in a state of shock. they couldn't believe that this was really happening.

Republic City was being DESTROYED..and, Korra had NO IDEA how to stop it.

"man...w-whadda we DO!"

Korra gulped hard. "i..i don't know." replied Korra, her voice weak

just then, they heard a loud screeching sound. the three looked up at the sky...and, saw ANOTHER monster approach.

it looked like a bird, with wings of blazing flames

the flaming bird soared over the city (or, what was left of it.)
and, shot streams of fire from it's body, scorching various buildings.

the Fire Bird finally landed on a rooftop near the Korra and the others.
it stared down at the terrified teens, it's eyes literally BURNING.

the flames of it's body intensified. causing the three to kneel over from the heat.

Korra looked back at the creature, her eyes wide with fear and terror.

("it's really True what they say. your life really DOES flash before your eyes when facing Death.

  here I am: Avatar Korra, at the "mercy" of these Elementals.
  and, in one moment..i can see Everything happening all at once.

  me discovering my identity as The Avatar as a child.

  the longs years of training with the White Lotus.

  my decision to move to Republic City to master Airbending.

  the day i became a Pro-Bending Player and met my friend Mako and Bolin.

  my first confrontation with AMON and his bender hating Equalists..

  but, right now..all i can think about is ONE THING.")

"takka.." whispered Korra

("Republic City is Drowning, Crumbling and Burning.
  and, in mere moments i'll soon be joining the Past Avatars in the spirit world.

  hard to believe that this started out on a day that I considered the "Best Day of My Entire Life.

  the day i found my Best Friend after Thirteen Long Years..")


[Air Temple Island, Several Months Ago]

Korra grunts, and groans as she furiously tries to get through an obstacle course WITHOUT getting hit.

the course was pretty hard. demanding that Korra "move-like-the-wind".

success meant she would be that much closer to Airbending..

..but, so far, she hadn't made that much progress.

Standing from afar, watching her was a bearded man with an Arrow tattoo on his bald head.

Finally, the course was over. Korra collapsed on the ground, exhaling.

as Tenzin approached her, Korra looked up at him. " i do?"

Tenzin shrugged. "we need to work on your technique. but, you beat your last record by Two Seconds."

Korra groaned. "Two SECONDS!? GAH!, I thought I'd do better than that!"

Korra sat up and gripped her head in aggravation. Tenzin eyed the girl, then exhaled softly.

"you know, Korra.." began Tenzin. "when my father trained me to be an Airbender, he always said that Over-Training can sometimes affect your progress."

Korra eyed the monk. "soooo..what's that mean?"

"it means you'd trained Enough for today, and deserve a break."

surprisingly, Korra's reaction to this proposal wasn't what Tenzin expected.
Korra just groaned, gripping her head again in aggravation.

"darn it, i'm NEVER gonna get this right!"

"you will, time."

Tenzin thought for a bit, then got an idea.

"say. I have some thing to do in town. why don't you come along?, it could be good for you."

Korra eyed her teacher. "it's not gonna be Boring, is it?"

Tenzin made a half serious, half mocking expression. "I will make No Such Promises."

Korra groaned. "well..I won't be do for Pro-Bending practice for another few days.

 and, Bolin and Mako are apparently off doing "guy stuff", i guess i don't have anything better to do."

Tenzin smiled. "Excellent. I am sure you'll find your experience "rewarding."


[Much, MUCH Later]

Korra is sitting on a chair, her arm crossed and head hanging back.
she was "apparently" asleep, and snoring VERY loudly.

Tenzin walked approached the pre-adult teen and scowled. "Korra..."

Korra continued to snore. "KORRA!"

Korra snorted as she awoke."Wha-?, i'm up-I'm Up!"

Tenzin sighed sharply. Korra then yawned, stretching her arms out.

"sorry, Master Tenzin. but, I DID warn you about my Attention Span."

Tenzin exhaled.

"come. my lecture is over. I must now attend a meeting at the Science Center."

Korra raised an eyebrow. "Science Center?"

"some local inventors are presenting some New Technology to the public.
 as a member of the City Council, I must attend and pass my judgment of the tech's quality."

Korra's eyes lit up. if there was one thing she liked MORE than bending: it was Electronics.

"COOL! Finally, something interesting to do!"

Tenzin sighed, groaning. "kids."


[The Science Center]

Tenzin and Korra walked through some doors, and into a large amphitheater.
Korra's eyes widened, and mouth gaped upon see how big it was..and all the people there.

"wooooow..this is AMAZING."

"come, Korra. you can sit with ME with the council."

Korra followed Tenzin as he walked pass some people.
they reached a high up part of the room and sat down at fancy desk.

Korra could see the other members of the council.
each one represented each of the Four Nations, and important officials of Republic City.

One was a female firebender.

another was a male earthbender.

two were waterbenders (one of which Korra recognized as "Tarrlok")

Korra also saw Hiroshi Sato the CEO of "Future Industries" (and, the sole supplier of ALL "Satomobiles")

and, Lin Bei Fong the head of the Metalbending Police.

much to Korra's displeasure. she was made to sit next to LIN. (likewise, Tenzin had to sit next to Tarrlok.)

Lin looked at Korra and scowled. "'s "you."

Korra shrugged. "Sorry, Tenzin made me come here."

Lin exhaled, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "just try not to Blow Up anything, okay?"

Korra made a mocking look at the woman. "I'll try to restrain my "destructive impulses."

Lin scowled at Korra, then exhaled forcefully. "shiftless punk." grumbled Lin to herself

"bitter old crab." grumbled Korra to herself

the science expo proceeded without much fuss. Korra actually found the whole thing interesting.
First, their was some guy trying to replace the radio with a device that was apparently a box that displays "moving pictures"

a new model of a Satomobile.

and, finally..some prototype battle armor for the Metalbending Cops.

as the expo reached it's end, the host walked up onto the stage. "And, now..our Final Presentation."

the host groaned, as if aggravated. "please welcome our next crackpo-i, errr..mean, "Genius." making his 167th appearance."

the host then read a card. "mister Takka..and, his "Air Gloves."

Korra widened her eyes upon hearing that name. "t-takka?"

the curtain raised, revealing a male pre-adult teen with dark brown hair, amber eyes and dark/caucasian skin.

Korra nearly lost her breath: she KNEW this boy. "takka."

Takka scowled at the host. "they're called WIND GAUNTLETS, you dummy!"

the host shrugged. "eh."

Takka exhaled sharply, then walk up the stage pulling a cart with a white tarp covering it.

Takka cleared his throat and looked at the audience. "L-Ladies and Gentlemen. esteemed citizens and officials of Republic City.

I'd like to start by issuing my apologies for my LAST presentation about a year ago."

Takka scratched his head nervously.

"be advised, I have made progress in fixing the bugs in my "metal man."
 so, we'll be sure to avoid embarrassing mistakes in the future."

Takka then cleared his throat. "like that.."Unfortunate Incident" with Mister Sato's daughter."

Hiroshi cast a glare at Takka.

Takka exhaled, then removed the tarp. he revealed bulky, bronze colored gloves, and arm bracers.

Takka picked them up and put them both on, latching them tight.

"As you all know, Airbending has become a RARE Ability in the world following the tragic destruction of the Air Temples hundreds of years ago.

but, in an effort to increase awareness of the Air Nomad Culture, AND to put to rest the belief that Airbending is a "useless skill"

I have constructed this gauntlets that can Simulate Airbending."

Korra actually smiled at this, becoming VERY interested.
Tenzin, however..exhaled sharply at this, indicating he wasn't all that impressed.

Takka continued to speak. "Utilizing powerful rotor fans, I can shoot currents of wind from the vents located at either side of the wrists to simulate and mimic Airbending."

Takka holds his arms out. he makes a gesture, and blows a steam of air from the gauntlets.
the wind streams move like a funnel and, he makes a stone sphere levitate above the ground.

Korra smiled. "COOL.."

Tenzin scoffed. "that "gizmo" is no substitute for TRUE Airbending."

Takka gently laid the stone ball down. he then canceled the air current, and face the audience.

"my device had numerous settings." continued Takka "allowing for varied usage of the Wind Currents.

the user can ALSO control the strength of the currents."

Takka turned some dials on the gauntlets.
he then activated them again, blowing stronger funnels of wind in the air.

needless to say, many (especially Korra) were impressed.

"with the Council's approval, i can start mass-producing my invention
 and, sell them at a reasonable price, so EVERYONE can enjoy the Airbending Experien-"

just then, Takka's gauntlet's sparked. the rotors inside sputtered, then finally shut off.

Takka widened his eyes, then looked at his gauntlets.
he smiled nervously at the audience, then fiddled with the controls.

"oh, J-Just a second, folks! It's just a Glitch, I'll fix it soo-"

Suddenly, the gauntlets sparked, and activated on their own.
the gauntlets then blew a powerful gust of wind from their vents.

the current was So Strong, that it knocked Takka into a wall.
and, blew everyone, and Everything else into a powerful whirlwind.

Takka finally shut off his gauntlets. he looked and widened his eyes at what he saw.

the whole room looked like a hurricane went through it.
chairs, tables and random objects were scattered..along with all the people.

Takka gulped hard, tugging at the neck of his shirt.

"I'm g-g-guessing that this means I WON'T be getting my Patent, today."

the angry stares, and growls of the dozens of people confirmed Takka's fears.

"i didn't think so."
Chapter 01: The End is the Beginning
Next Chapter:


Original Oneshot:

This is my FIRST Multi-Chapter "Legend of Korra" fanfic (so, please Be Nice to the newcomer in the Korra Fanbase)

I decided to start the first chapter with an Action-Packed sequence that takes place Much, Much LATER in the overall story.

this brand of storytelling is done on the videogame "Sly 3: Honor Among Theives"
in which the game started at the end, then was told in flashbacks from Sly's POV.

I shall reveal more on the "Elemental Kaiju" LATER in the story.

Takka's nationality is a mixture of Water Tribe and Fire Nation.
(his mother was a Firebender, and his Father was a Waterbender. yet, ironicly: Takka ISN'T a bender himself.)

his name is actually based on "Taka." the true name of the "Scar" character from Disney's The Lion King.

and, for the record: I believe that his "Wind Gauntlets" are a GOOD IDEA (especially with Airbending being such a Rare and Scarce art.)

be warned, this will be a mixture of KorraxMako and KorraxOC.
so, if your one of those "Crazy Shipper" fans: TRY and restrain yourselves.


Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra copyright Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
                              The Legend of Korra, Forces of Nature
                                    Chapter Two: The Reunion

Korra walked outside of the Science Center with the many other people.
the crowds were so dense, that she couldn't even find Tenzin anymore.

though, HE wasn't who she was looking for.

"YOU INCOMPETENT MORON!!" shouted a voice at high volume

Korra looked over and saw someone yelling at Takka. "How many times must we Suffer your bumbling?!, HOW!?"

Takka groaned. "Look, I'M. SOR-RY. it's not like I KNEW my Wind Gauntlets would malfunction!"

"your infernal machines ALWAYS malfunction!" snapped the man, poking at Takka's chest

"HEY!, that isn't true! I've made..'SOME' inventions that work!"

"name ONE."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!!" the man and Takka looked and saw Lin Bei Fong approach.

"Commander, THANK THE SPIRITS you're here! I demand you Arrest this man for being such a Menace to our cit-"

"I'll make the decisions here, NOT YOU. now, begone before "I" arrest you for disturbing the peace."

the man grumbled, then marched off. Korra TRIED to reach Takka..but couldn't, due to the thick crowd of people.

Lin faced Takka.

"Miss Bei Fong, i am SO SORRY abou-"

"forget it, harm's been done. but, people do bring up a valid point: you DO cause alot of havoc with your devices."

Takka exhaled sharply. "i know-I KNOW!!..I don't mean to cause any trouble."

"i believe you." said Lin, in a rare calm, and gentle tone "but, many people are getting anxious (especially with the Anti-Bender problem.)

so, unless you can fully fix these "glitches" in your inventions..ALL your inventions.
then..I'm afraid I'll have no other choice but to Ban you from the Science Center."

Takka gasped in shock. "but..But, Science is my Life!, Building things is all I know how to do!!"

"I am sorry, Takka. I truly am. but, I am bound by law..and, NO ONE is above the law.
 So, FIX this problem of yours..because I can't keep having your "Presentations" ending with a Disaster."

Takka looked at Lin. then exhaled deeply, hanging his head low.


Lin frowned. she then lean down to Takka's level, and gently touched his chin.

"just between us..I don't think you are a menace. I think you are VERY talented.
 and, I don't want to lock you up in, PLEASE. get this right, so I won't have to."

Takka smiled weakly. "I'll try, Commander Bei Fong."

"Good." with that, Lin stood up and marched off.

Takka exhaled stressfully. he then packed his stuff into his truck
got inside, and drove off into the city streets.


Korra finally got out of the crowd..but, was too late. Takka's truck was LOST in the sea of satomobiles.


"Korra!" Korra looked back, and saw Tenzin approach. "There you are..I've been looking for you."

Korra stared off. her mind on something else.

Tenzin noticed this. " something wrong?"

Korra looked at her airbending teacher. "i'm..i'm not sure."

[Later, Elsewhere]

Takka soon drove up to a metallic looking house.
he sighed as he parked his truck in the garage, and got out.

Takka paused for a moment. then, he exhaled again.

"another day, another disaster..(deep sigh) things can't possibly get any worse."

suddenly, the garage door shut down. before Takka knew what was going on, a door opened..and, in walked a man.

a man that Takka knew all to well.

"Y-YOU!?" gasped Takka, frozen in terror.

he began to step back as a dark skinned man with a brown goatee walked in.
he was wearing raggy looking clothes..and smirked at Takka as he crossed his arms.


Takka gulped hard, feeling nervous.

"uhhh..h-hi, dad. i-I didn't know you town."

Takka's father approached him, casting a smug look at him.
he then reached over, and touched Takka's face (to which the boy flinched fearfully.)

"you have No Idea how hard it was finding you, boy." began Karnac. "you could say this reunion has been my "obsession."

Takka gulped hard. still feeling uneasy his the touch of his father's hand. "you...d-don't say."

Karnak grinned sinisterly as he began to circle his son slowly.
it was clear that Takka was Terrified..and, Karnak was enjoying every minute of it.

"Do you know what day it is, Takka?" asked Karnak, calmly

Takka remained still, frozen like a statue. he swallowed hard, then replied in a shaky voice.

"n-no, dad..I don't."

Karnak snickered softly. "of course you don't..I don't expect you to "remember."

the Water Tribe man then stopped behind Takka. he edged himself closer, whispering in Takka's ear.

" the day of my eighteenth wedding anniversary."

Takka's eyes widened, his breath becoming shallow. "R-Really?" said Takka, his voice weak

"yeeees.." replied Karnak, his tone of voice getting "creepier." "and, like every year..i wished to celebrate it with my dear wife Inza."

Karnak then walked off away from Takka. who kept his eyes trained on his father, Fearing what was to come.

Karnak then continued to speak. "but, like Every Year..I must celebrate it ALONE, without her." Karnak turned and looked at Takka, his eyes Cold and Unfeeling. "and, do you know Why?"

Takka gulped, looking down. "i..i, uhh-"

Karnak then approached Takka, glaring at him darkly. "because SHE, INZA, was taken from me." he then faced Takka, looking right at him. "and, all because we wanted a child."

Takka gulped hard. "d-dad, i-"


Karnak suddenly slaps Takka HARD across the face. Takka grips his reddened cheek, tearing up at the stinging pain.

Karnak glared at Takka hatefully. "my beloved died simply to give you life. and, everyday you prove that you don't Deserve that privilege."

Takka looks at his father..only to be slapped again. this time, the boy was knocked down to the floor.

Takka held back his tears, and looked up at his "father."

"dad, Please! i-i'm sorry, i didn't mean to-"

"BUT, YOU DID!" Karnak kicks Takka in the gut. Takka grips his waist, groaning in pain as he lays on the floor.

"YOU KILLED HER! Inza bled to death shortly after your birth. for YEARS, I had to live my life without her and, suffer having her murderer living in my house!"

Takka wanted to speak, but was in too much pain to do so. Karnak the grabbed him by his neck and lifted up up.

Takka began to choke as Karnak tightened his grip on his throat.

"and, if THAT wasn't bad enough..." began Karnak "you turned out to be a NON-BENDER! despite Me and Inza being skilled benders ourselves!"

Karnak then summoned formless water from a bottle. he shot a stream at Takka, which encased his body in Solid Ice.
with only his head exposed, Karnak released Takka, who looked at his father with frightened eyes.

"Dad!, DAD PLEASE!!"

Karnak ignored his son's pleas. he then drew out a small device.

"Today..I think Inza should take some part in your punishment." began Karnak "and, while i may not be a Firebender..."

Karnak then flipped a switch with his thumb. to Takka's horror, a flame ignited from the device. "i can certainly Make Due."

Karnak then brought the flame CLOSER to Takka's face. "no...No-No, Wait!"

the flame was brought even closer. Takka could already feel it's heat. "NO!, Stop! STOPPIT, PLEASE!"

Takka was terrified, tears in his eyes. Karnak smirked evilly as he touched Takka's cheek with the flame.

the pain Takka felt was beyond comprehension.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Takka scream LOUDLY. so loud, that it almost hurt Karnak's ears.

though, he was enjoying every moment of this.

Karnak finally removed the flame, and smiled at the burn mark on Takka's cheek.
he then gripped Takka's face, forcing the terrified and suffering boy to face him.

"open your mouth." growled Karnak "time to silence that insolent tongue of your..FOR GOOD."

Takka shook his head fearfully. to which Karnak slapped him (which hurt MORE due to his burn.)

"i said OPEN YOUR MOU-"


Suddenly, the metal garage door was blow apart.
Karnak looked over..and saw a dark skinned girl in Water Tribe Clothes.

it was Korra...and, she looked ANGRY.

Korra glared hatefully at Karnak. gritting her teeth, she shot a blast of fire at the man, knocking him into a wall.

"KEEP AWAY FROM MY FRIEND, YOU MONSTER!!" shouted Korra, enraged

Karnak groaned in pain as he lay on the floor. Korra then looked to Takka, then quickly dissolved the Ice encasing him to water.

Takka fell to the ground. his body shaking, and tears flowing down his eyes.
Korra looked at her friend, her eyes wet. she then looked back at Karnak (who was trying to get up.)

Korra growled and glared at him, intense hatred burning within her.
she then summoned stone bolder from the ground, crumbled into pebbles forming "Stone Gloves."

the avatar then charged, and pinned Karnak to a wall. "you don't get off THAT easy."

Korra reeled her arm back then, punched Karnak HARD across his face.
several bloody teeth flew from his mouth. he then collapsed to the ground, knocked completely out cold.

Korra again glared hatefully at him. trying to resist every urge to end his life.
but, Korra eventually decided that this was Good Enough. she then turned away, and ran over to Takka.

Takka's body was still shaking. he was in total shock, petrified in fear.

Korra knelt down to him. "takka."

Takka still shook. "Takka, it's ME..Korra."

Takka looked up and stared at the girl. "k-korra?"

Korra nodded, smiling the best she could.

"'s ME, Korra. you know..your "Bestest Friend?" Korra blushed upon saying such a childish word.

Takka's eyes widened. then, more tears formed in his eyes. "korra.." said Takka, his voice breaking

Takka then hugged Korra tightly, burying his face in her chest and crying.
Korra embraced him tightly. letting her own tears fall down her cheek.

"it''s you. It's Really You!!" exclaimed Takka, overcome with joy.

Korra nodded. "yes,'s me. and, i'll NEVER let anyone hurt you..Ever Again."

[Air Temple Island, Later That Day]

Takka laid on a bed as Pema looked him over.

the pregnant woman rubbed some lotion on his burn then, placed a band-aid overtop of the red mark.

"there you go." began Pema. "that should heal up in a week or so. though, there may be some scarring."

Takka exhaled sharply. "i'm used to it."

Pema sighed sadly as she looked at the visible bruises and scars Takka's shirtless body.

"so, i see." Pema then stood up. "well..I better be going. I have children to look after."


Pema smiled, then gets up and leaves. as she opens the door...Tenzin and Korra walk in.

"Takka!" Korra ran over and hugged Takka (rather tightly) Takka grimaces, feeling his ribs crack a bit.

"KOR-AH...your..C-Crushing me!"

"Oh!, sorry." Korra releases Takka. he promptly exhales sharply.

Tenzin looks at Takka. acting very "official." "are you doing alright, boy?"

Takka looked up at the Airbender monk...then exhaled softly. "y-yeah..I will, for now."

Takka exhales deeply then, he looks at Tenzin again. "so..what happened to my (clear throat) "father?"

Korra scowled at this.

"Lin has arrested Karnac and placed him in jail." said Tenzin. "given his "behavior", it shouldn't be hard send him to prison."

Takka huffed. "he'll escape..and, then he'll come after me."

"no, he WON'T" said Korra, her tone stern. "i won't let him."

Tenzin raised an eyebrow. "you two seemed VERY familiar."

Korra looked at Tenzin. "we ARE, Master Tenzin. he's my best friend."

"true." said Takka, quietly "we were born on the Same Day..the same hour. We first met on our third birthdays, and immediately became best friends.

Takka then exhaled sharply. "we were together..for at least a YEAR. when we turned four, Korra discovered that she was the Avatar by accident."

Takka then cracked a smile. "some older kids were picking on me..and, Korra set their hair on fire."

Korra stifled a chuckle, remembering the event quite clearly.

" was shortly after that the White Lotus Society were notified, and..well, you know happened."

Tenzin stroked his beard as he spoke. "Korra was taken under the White Lotus protection."

"That was the last time I ever saw her.." said Takka, frowning. "until TODAY, that is."

Korra scowled as she pondered this.

the reality that she and her friend had been separated for THIRTEEN Years sinking in.
she began to feel anger burning within her like a growing flame.

finally, she spoke. "Takka.."

Takka looked at Korra..who hesitated for a moment before asking the one question that she dreaded. "what..What happened to you? What have you been doing these past thirteen years??"

Takka darted his eyes nervously. "i-nghhh.."

"Takka, PLEASE..I have to know." repeated Korra, desperate for answers.

Takka finally exhaled sharply..and, spoke: "I haven't been entirely honest with you, Korra..there are things about me that I never told you."

"What things? Takka, you aren't making any sense!"

Takka looked at his friend, and continued.

"Do you..r-remember when we were kids, and you sometimes saw me with bruises and cuts?"

Korra grimaced as she recalled one such memory.


a three-year-old Korra skipped along through her village, her tiny arms spread out like wings.
she was humming a tune to herself, her mind in another world.

she then noticed a familiar face sitting near the central bonfire: a three-year-old boy.

"TAKKA!!" Korra ran as fast as her tiny legs could take her towards her friend. "Hey, Takka! are you ready for some fu-

Korra then noticed some dark areas and scratches on Takka's face. "Takka, YOUR FACE!!"

"h-Huh?" said Takka, only just now noticing Korra.

"What happened to your face!?" repeated Korra, concerned

Takka looked nervous as his friend stared down at him. "uhhh..."

"Somebody beat you up, didn't they!?" said Korra sternly, her fists planted on her hips. "Who did it!?, TELL ME! I'm gonna hurt 'em Soooo much for this!!"

Takka reacted as if he was more afraid of Korra than..WHOEVER it was that beat on him.

"I, uhh..I d-don't remember." stuttered Takka

"You DON'T?!, WHADDA YOU MEAn YOU DON-!?" Korra then stopped herself when she saw the hurt look on Takka's face.

"i'm sorry..I didn't mean to yell at you." apologized Korra, who knelt down to him.

"it''s okay, Kor. I understand." Takka looked at Korra. "Look, Korra..can we play at your house today? I..I don't want to be outside right now."

Korra nodded. "Okay. Let's just go tell your daddy, an-"

"NO!!" exclaimed Takka..scaring Korra. "uh-I mean.."no", th-that won't be necessary. he, uhh..he said it's okay."

Korra smiled. "Great!, let's go!!"

with that, Korra took Takka's hand, and led him back to her house.

***End of Flashback***

"yeah..what about it?"

Takka looked down sadly. unable to make eye contact with Korra. "I lied to you, Korra."

Korra widened her eyes. "What?!"

"my cuts and scraps, I only got 'SOME' of them from bullies.
 but..m-most of them came from my father, Karnac."

Korra covered her mouth, shocked. "he..then. he never-" Korra looked at Takka. "why..WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS!!?" exclaimed Korra, practically shouting.

tears welled up in Takka's eyes as he replied: "I was SCARED, Alright!? I was afraid of what my dad might do if he ever found out that I told on him."

"TAKKA, He was BEATING you!!" snapped Korra, angrily. "This isn't something you just "keep to yourself!", Especially not from your BEST FRIEND!!"

Takka kept his face turned away. too ashamed to look at his friend. "i'm sorry."

a long silence befell the room. Finally, Tenzin spoke. "Why did your father treat you so horribly?"

Takka breathed out sharply. "because..when I was born, my mother bled to death. she died bringing me into this world..and, my father calls me "Murderer" because of it."

Tenzin mused on this. "hmm..I see."

"I'm also not a Waterbender.." continued Takka. "Or, a Firebender like my mother, either. the fact that I am a non-bender sickens my father..and, he always made sure I knew that."

Korra frowned at remark. as it reminded her Too Much of Amon, and the Equalists.

"How did you survive?" asked Tenzin, fully interested in Takka's story.

"Well..I often stayed away from home. I only returned at night when I had to." Takka shivered. "I always hated the night."

"Things got easier when I met Korra, though. I sometimes spent the night at her was the ONLY time I felt safe."

Korra felt guilt eating away at her as Takka said this.

"And, what happened when Korra was taken away? what happened after that??" asked Tenzin

Takka stared off, and shivered in fright again. "when..When Korra was taken away, I felt like the whole world was ending.

with Korra gone, I had no more escape, no protection. I his "Mercy."

Korra began to tear up at this. this was allmost too much for her to bear.

"but.." began Takka, changing his tone. "my dad went overboard. I was unable to hide my scars..and, Korra's mother, Senna became suspicious."

"What happened?" asked Tenzin, feeling he knew what Takka was going to say.

"one dad was giving me the usual beatings. but, then Korra's father, Tonraq burst into the house.
 Senna was concerned over my injuries, and had him follow me to find out where they came from.

 My dad fought against Korra's dad..but, Tonraq was far stronger than he was.
 he left him unconscious within ice, and took me back to Senna so she could tend to my injuries.

 the next day..Tonraq banished my father from the village FOREVER.
 Senna wanted me to stay with her and Tonraq, but Tonraq doubted banishment would keep me safe from my father."

Takka exhaled sharply, wiping some tears from his eyes.

"They..contacted my Aunt Rose and Uncle Dante in the Fire Nation.
 they came by ship, and took me to live with them on Ember Island.

 for the next Twelve Years stayed with them..they were the closest thing to real parents that I ever had.
 but, I wanted to do something with me life. I couldn't keep hiding in the Fire Nation forever.

 so, One year ago today..I left for Republic City.
 hoping to make a difference with the one thing I am good at: building things."

Takka sighed sharply, frowning. "but, being "good" at something..isn't the same as being "the best." alot of my inventions malfunction and backfire..ALOT of them."

"ngh, YES..I know." said Tenzin, recalling Takka's prior "air gauntlet" demonstration.

"I try to do my best..but, sometimes I feel the harder I try, the more I mess up."

"they almost worked." said Korra, finally.

Takka and Tenzin looked at her. "What?"

"Your Air Gauntlets, they ALMOST worked."

Takka stared at Korra. "How do you-"

"I was in the audience with Master Tenzin..I saw everything."

Takka's face grew red, feeling embarrassed that his best friend was apparently caught in the middle of all the chaos that he caused.

"for a moment, they almost worked." repeated Korra.

"yeah..but, they didn't." said Takka. "I made a mess of that place, and made alot of people angry."

Korra paused..then, spoke sternly to her friend. "You know..even as a child, I could bend Water, Earth and Fire. but, AIR is the one element that I still have trouble mastering."

Korra then leaned closer to Takka. "It's frustrating that I can't airbend..there are times I think I'll NEVER do it."

"Korr-" Korra motions Tenzin to be silent as she continued speaking to Takka. "So, let me tell you what Master Tenzin keeps telling me: "You try, you fail, you try, and fail..But, the only true failure comes when you STOP trying."

Tenzin actually smiled at this. Proud that some of his wisdom was finally rubbing off on Korra.

" may not be a bender, but that doesn't mean you aren't special." continued Korra. "I was AMAZED at what you did back there..and, PROUD that my best friend can do these things. Things that I can only dream of doing."

Korra the gripped Takka's arms. "PLEASE, Takka..don't give up. someday you'll create something that will Change the World. and, I hope to be there when you do."

Takka looked at Korra..then, smiled weakly. "you..really believe I can?"

Korra smiled. "I do."

Takka smiled again..then, looked down sadly. "Kor..I'm sorry for not telling you about my father. You are right: You're my Best Friend, I shouldn't have kept secrets from you."

Korra stared at Takka, then spoke. "True..but, you were scared. I shouldn't blame you for THAT. I'm sorry I yelled at you."

Korra then suddenly glared at Tenzin. "what?"

"How long were they going to keep me in the dark about Takka?"

"Korra, I don't-"

"HOW!!?" shouted Korra, her voice resonating

Tenzin scowled. "You had your training, Korra. the White Lotus couldn't risk any unnecessary distractions."

"DISTRACTIONS!!? Takka is my Best Friend, and he needed me!!"

"Korra, ENOUGH." said Tenzin, sternly. "we cannot change the past, so arguing about it is pointless."

Korra scowled, then exhaled sharply. she then looked at Takka and smiled weakly.

"well..It's good to see you again, Takka." Korra then hugged Takka once again. "i've missed you."

Takka hugged Korra back. "so have i..more than you know."

Takka then looked at Korra. "you've certainly changed ALOT since I last saw you."

Korra smiled proudly, flexing her muscular arm. "you got that right, Takka. nobody cause me "Blubber Belly" anymore..not with muscles like THESE."

Takka smiled. "yes..I can see that."

It was then that Tenzin finally stood up. "come, Korra. Takka needs his rest..and YOU need to practice your "Air Movements."

Korra looked at Tenzin..then, back at Takka. "go on ahead, Kor..i'll be FINE. i'm feeling tired anyway."

Korra sighed. "okay. if you say so."

Korra stood up, but looked back at Takka. "but, if you need me..AT ALL-"

"don't worry: I'll call. there's nothing keeping us apart anymore now."

Korra half smiled. she then leaned over, and gave Takka a quick kiss on his cheek.

"I'll see you tonight, then."

Takka blushed bright red. Korra then turned, and walked with Tenzin out the door.

Once gone, Takka exhaled sharply. he looked up at the ceiling, his mind lost in thought.

Chapter 02: The Reunion

Previous Chapter:


For this chapter, i decided to shed more light on Takka's past.

I reveal that he had an Unhappy Childhood. and, that his father is abusive (and, quite "insane")

I also showed just how Bada** Korra is. (and, why it's NEVER a good idea to make her angry)

I made some major changes in this version of Chapter Two.
by adding new dialogue. either by extending, or altering it. and even removing some deemed unnecessary.

as a result, the chapter is longer than the original version.


The Legend of Korra © Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

Takorra - First Meeting (Lineart) by MetroXLR99
Takorra - First Meeting (Lineart)

~Takka POV~

 "Korra was a spitfire. Always have been.
  To this day, I still don't know why she stopped to talk to me that day..Why she decided from out-of-the-blue to be my protector.

  But, I didn't complain. I was happy to have at least ONE friend in my life.

  but, there was no way I could know how much Korra would mean to me once I left my childhood behind.."

~Korra POV~

 "When I looked at him, it was just like when I found Naga as a puppy..lost in the snow.
  Takka looked so sad. How could I just ignore him, and walk away?

  I really can't explain it..but, I was drawn to him. and, had a compelling need to protect him.

  Maybe it was the Avatar Spirit, the influence of my past lives (perhaps even Aang)
  but, when I first saw him..I just couldn't leave him. like we were connected.

  It was only many years later, though..that I learned just how connected we really were."


I decided to get back to doing Avatar Fanart (and, to be more precise, "Korra" Fanart.)
and, make it a goal to draw more of my OC "Takka", who has by now gained some popularity with my inner circle of fans.

I decided to start at the very beginning. with a rough lineart of Korra and Takka's first meeting at children
(Okay, I will be honest here: I just LOVE "Little Korra", she just too darned CUTE!)

I may color this in..but, for now, I am focused on working on a proper design for Takka.
with THIS drawin being a decent first attempt at trying.


Legend of Korra © Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko



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GHOSTBUSTERS Stamp by BLUE-F0XDani transforms stamp by AmadErikDanny Phantom title stamp by AmadErik
Danny transforms stamp by AmadErik Technus stamp by ToniPendragonMira Stamp by Spirit-of-Twilight
Fantasy by dragon-sigmaOC Canon Wars by Lily-pilyPPG and PPGZ stamp by Death-Driver-5000


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DarkHeroCat12 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
can you reported this guy plz
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Okay. I did all I could.
NOW, we just have to wait for the "powers-that-be" to do something about it.
DarkHeroCat12 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
thank you so much
sonicfighter Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I can bet that the Arkham Knight in the upcoming game is Batman's old partner, Jason Todd. I don't know, it's just a guess.
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry, but NO. the game developers and DC are adamant that the Arkham Knight is a new character.

he isn't Jason, Nightwing, Hush/Tomas Eliot, or a Joker Clone.
he is a new character created for the game (like "Sin Tzu" was on that one other Batman game.)
sonicfighter Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Oh. Okay.
DraginKYle44 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hey Metro 
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Did you see my latest artwork of Andy and Alison?
sonicfighter Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Since you mention in your old journal entries that your mother was a Christian, I've been thinking, are you a Christian too?

I was born and raised into a Christan family.
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'd rather not discuss that subject.

"Two things one should NEVER talk about on the internet: Religion and Politics."

So, I'd rather not discuss it..publically, anyway.

(just ask :iconthe--predator:. I already told him, so..he knows.)
sonicfighter Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
pasiva16 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the favs :D
sonicfighter Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
Have you seen Star Wars: Rebels?
MetroXLR99 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Sort of..
sonicfighter Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
Oh. So you only saw a few episodes or something?
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